We are Leopixel

We are on a mission to make your Business awesome

Who we Are

We’re Geeks, bringing ideas to life with code and pixels. we are passionate about creating websites and graphics. All of our team members have degrees in either Graphic Design or Web Design.

What we offer

We provide clear design that aligns with your needs and objectives.We are dedicated to using our skills to create our clients the most affordable website design and Graphics design services.

How we’ll help you

With the combination of design and technology  we’ll create you an strong online Presence. We will deliver you an easy to use and efficient solution that will help you achieve your goals.

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Web Design

We have concrete expertise in web design and development. we will build you unique responsive website using latest web design technologies. all of our websites are optimized for search engines.

Graphic Design

Investing in the visual identity of your company or product is a one-time but long-term investment that builds a successful image for your brand.we can fulfill all of your graphic design needs from logo design to Brand identity

Website Maintenance

The web is in constant change. As a result, websites and website systems need to be regularly updated and maintained.This means that  you have to continuously take care of your website. we provide web maintenance services to ensure out clients web presence is up to date

Logo Design

With a professional logo you create a recognition and value for your company.It will inspire you and your clients so we’ll understand your business and create a best unique logo that will attract customers.

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