Windows 10 Start Menu Guide

Microsoft bringing back the Windows Start menu in Windows 10, the new Start menu will be different from the classic Windows start menu that we used on windows 7 or XP. Windows 10 Start Menu has two sections first section is located in the left side for classic windows 7 Start menu and 2nd section has live tile Start Screen that we used in windows 8.

How to Switch between Start Menu and Start Screen

Windows 10 have start menu by default if you want to switch to the Start screen Open the Start menu using the Windows Key or click on the Start Windows Logo. Then click on the Expand Start icon located in the upper right switch back to start menu Open Start Screen and click on the Restore Start menu icon .after you switched your settings will remain until you change it.

Pin and Unpin windows 10 Tiles and shortcuts

If you wanted pin an Application or Game to the start menu search for the app in start menu right click on it and click pin to start. You can unpin an app by clicking on the app tile, right click and unpin from Start. You can’t pin apps by drag and drop I hope this feature will available in future and you can’t pin Websites and files to the start.

Windows 10 Start Menu Pin

Resize Tiles

Resizing a Tile in windows 10 is similar to Windows 8 .to Resize a Tile ,Right click on a Tile and hover over Resize until the Size menu Default you will be able to Choose Large, medium, wide and Small sizes .if you want to move a Tile click and Drag it .

Windows 10 Start Menu Resize

How to Change the Color of Start menu 

You can change your start menu, window borders and taskbar colors on windows 10, To change the color of windows 10 start screen, Start menu, windows border and taskbar in windows 10 Open Control panel and go to Personalize, click the color icon at the bottom of the window.16 color Options will appear from there you can change the color of your Start menu, Start Screen and others.

Edit Tile Section

Like windows 8, Windows 10 allow you to divide your Tiles into Different Groups .to create a new Group select a tile hold and drag the tile to the bottom of the Start menu a black bar will Appear. Drop the tile below the black bar and your tile will added to the new Group. To Name the Group click above the group a white outline will show up, type the name of your group inside the white outlines. You can Rename and edit at any time you want, if you want to add more tiles to the Group select a tile, drag and drop it inside the group.

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Pin items to the left side of the Start menu

You can pin items to the left side of the menu, to do that click on a Tile and drop it on the Start button, however this option might be removed in upcoming version of windows 10. The left side of start menu displays Windows Explorer, Settings, Documents and recently used Apps.

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