What is C Sharp and why it’s become so popular

Software Developers use programming languages to build software.so whether we’re building a web application or we’re building a desktop application or maybe building a mobile application, all of them are built using a programming languages. C sharp is a Programming language. It is one of the popular programming language in the world today.

C Sharp and .NET Framework

C# programs run on the .NET Framework, an important element of Windows that includes a virtual execution system called the common language runtime (CLR) and a unified set of class libraries. Anytime an application is executed it is actually executed through the .Net framework that’s why Windows PCs need the .Net framework on your Computer. Anytime an application’s code is compiled and ran on the user’s machine it’s ran through the .Net framework.

 What is C Sharp and why it's become so popular

Visual Studio

Developers use Microsoft’s Visual Studio to write C# code. Visual Studio allows us to choose what type of software’s are goanna build, what programming language we’re goanna use to build an application. There are plenty of programming language that the .Net framework supports Most of them is not listed here. i just listed the most popular ones Visual Basic and C++.

So we’ve got plenty programming languages out there why do we need another one. I think Microsoft wanted another programming language a new more modern programming language because Visual Basic and C++ were sort of at opposite ends of the spectrum. And both of them are Old language. Visual Basic is known as gamma beginner language. it doesn’t look like a programming language because there’s no squiggly lines or brackets or semi colons and it’s all just like you know breeding and typing in your native language.

C++ is more of a true programming language but the thing is. It is a very low level programming languages. A lot of manual things you need to do in C++ to make things happen, such as your own memory management and the list goes on and on. And it’s also not an easy programming language to learn.

Introduction to C Sharp and Visual Studio

Visual Basic known as beginner’s language because it’s Easy to learn but it needs a great deal of memory for initial installation and in order to function efficiently after installation. That is an major disadvantage of Visual basic.

So Microsoft thought we need a language that easy to learn easy to work with. Doesn’t sacrifice the power or the control and still looks and feels like a programming language.

C Sharp

C sharp is known as an object-oriented programming language just like Visual Basic and Visual C sharp and most modern day programming languages. Object-oriented programming really means that we can built an model application by looking at it as a Blueprint. Object oriented Programming (also called OOP) is modeled around objects that interact with each other. A good Example for OOP is building a house, carpenters don’t build a House without Design first they design it on a paper to build the blueprint so they have something to workout.

So in Visual Studio that’s what we’re doing we’re just modeling exactly what our application should look like through what are called classes in. those classes are blueprints. And every time we Test the application or a user uses a part of the application that needs one of these blueprints. Then that Blueprint gets turned in to an actual object in memory that they can work with.

Another nice thing about the C sharp language, it is so popular it’s become well-documented. Lot of Programmers jumped on to C sharp over the years. There’s a lot of code samples and tutorials and community’s available on the internet. Not only that but if you ever come across something that you need to do chances are somebody’s done it. And just a matter of tweaking it’s your applications.

So if you’re looking to get into programming or just want to pick up a new programming language C# the way to go there’s plenty of support out there for this wonderful Language. It’s easy to work with easy to learn.

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