video game development without Coding

Do u ever wanted to make a video game .Making a video game is not a simple thing you need to know about designs, game logic, programming and etc. Programming is the toughest part on learning to make a video game .Now I find a great way to make a video game without coding. Yes it’s easy to make a video game without programming knowledge. I found an awesome software called gamesalad
game devlopment without coding

With gamesalad you can Make Games for PCs, Consoles, Mac, Phones, and Tablets to Make a Video Game with Gamesalad .  you don’t have to Know Single line of code .You can’t make 3D games with Game salad you can Make only 2D games before starting a game ask simple questions to yourself does it require gamepad or touch interface. You will need devices phones, tablets to test the game .Once you have considered your needs and available resources it’s time to move to next level

Make Prototype of your Game
GameprototypeMake a Rough version of your game .use shapes like square and circle for your characters you can use Photoshop or paint to draw stick man if you like your prototype peoples also like game after you satisfied with your prototype you can move to next level

Now you can crate and add Graphics and animation for your game if you are not good with art you can hire someone for making graphics or you can buy artworks from websites. for sound FX  there is lot of websites out there offer free and premium  sound effects you can buy and use them on your games 


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