Useful Tips and Tricks for iPhone

The first iPhone was released in June 2007. IPhone has many Features even if you are an iPhone user you still have to learn many things about your iPhone. I am going to share some of the iPhone tricks which will be useful for you to use and learn new things about what your iPhone could do. Some of the tricks here will certainly surprise you.

Capture Photos with Volume buttons

When taking Photos with iPhone it can be hard for clicking on capture button, instead of using capture button you can use Volume up or down button. It will be easier to take snaps.

Useful Tips and Tricks for iPhone

Undo with Shake

Do u know in iPhone you can undo in a Easy and fun Way .while texting or editing a photo, if you made any mistake you can undo it by simply shaking the phone. Don’t shake too much just a little shake will do the trick .Pretty Cool isn’t

Fast Recharge battery

Want to Charge your battery in minute’s .Go to settings page and turn on Airplane Mode, if you did this your iPhone battery will charged at a high Speed. You can turn off airplane mode after your iPhone fully charged.

Timer for Music

If you have the habit of listening Songs before sleeping, then chances are high for you fall asleep without switching off the phone. We can use timer to stop the music player automatically. To set the timer Go to Clock>Timer>When timer ends and set Stop Playing , if you set the timer for 60 minutes iPhone will automatically stop Music.

Make iPhone Read Text

Your iPhone can Speak something which is like the windows narrator option, to enable this feature Go to Settings>General>Accessibility>Speak Selection Turn on Speak Selection now a speak button will appear when you select a text field .you can control the accent of the speech and the control Speed.

Open Apps via Siri

Siri is an Beautiful App with Siri you can set appointments, make calls, send messages, if you say “ call Leon” it will make you a call ,if you say open app name(e.g. “ open whats up ”) it will open the app. you can use Siri to read your emails also.

Shoot Multiple Photos at Once

While taking Photos hold your Camera shutter button and it will automatically activate the burst mode, your phone will take bulk of photos and save it to the camera

Google Maps without Internet

This feature would be more useful for people who travel often; when you have internet you can save the area that you want to see later. When you don’t have internet just load the map by typing “ok maps “in the search bar it will open your offline maps.

Alphanumeric Passcode

This is an additional Security Feature to set this up. Go to Phone Settings>General>Passcode lock, Now you need to turn off the simple Passcode option and you will asked for an Alphanumeric Password .put your desired password.

Easy Screenshots

Press and hold the home button and tap the sleep button, you will hear a camera click sound it means your screenshot is available in your camera folder.

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