Use Google Maps Lite Mode to Force Google Maps Load Faster

Google maps is Available across all Operating Systems and its one of the most useful App that we use on our Mobile Phone or tablet and Computer. Google Maps make our life easier by offering Quick access to maps and direction to places.

You can make Google map More Faster and enjoyable with few Tips and Tricks. I discovered Lite mode while using an Old configuration computer. Then I Googled for lite mode and find out google introduced this Lite mode feature to make Google maps load faster on Old browsers and Operating Systems.

Lite Mode is actually Google maps older version it is meant load faster than newer version of Maps. That has some awesome features that makes Google maps to load slower.

How to Force Google Maps to Load Faster


The Lite mode will load faster on your Computer however, there is also some disadvantages using it. you can use some of the Important Google maps Features that google has added in recent years.

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Disadvantages of Google Maps Lite Mode

# If you Run Google maps in Lite Mode you can’t see Maps Earth View and 3D imagery view.

# you won’t be able to view your Computers location

# can’t set up your home and work location

# It’s not Possible to measure the distance between two locations.

# Search nearby feature is not available and you can’t get Coordinates for locations.

# embedding Map is not available

# No Draggable routes

# View my maps in Google Maps

# sending a place to your car

# reporting a map Problem

If you are using Google maps in Lite Mode Apparently you can change at any time between the Lite Mode and Normal Version of Google Maps.

If you are Using Google maps full version and if it is Slow, use Google maps in Lite Mode click this Link to Use Google Maps Lite Mode. You can also click the lite mode link located next to terms and Privacy at the bottom of Google maps.

How to Force Google Maps to Load Faster

To Switch Back to Google Maps Full Version click the lightning bolt icon in the Bottom and Hit Switch back to the full version.

if you have any doubts using Lite Mode feel free to ask them in the Comments below

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