Top 5 Google Inbox Features

We all have reasons to hate Email. Because most of the email that we have on our inbox is spam mails it makes our inbox look cluttered. And we can’t just stop using email. Last month google introduced inbox a new email interface with minimal features. it’s like Gmail’s cute little brother .inbox looks clean, smooth and loaded with Productivity boosting features .with google inbox your professional life is about to be changed here is some of the way to use inbox effectively.

Preview Email Attachments without Opening Email

In Gmail Attachment are indicated by little paperclip symbol. but inbox is bit different from will show what are the attachments are inside in your email and allow you to open attachments without opening the Email pretty cool isn’t. You can open all kind of files Documents, Excel, Pictures, Videos, Spreadsheets and everything that you receive as a attachment.

 Google Inbox Features

Pin Important Emails

This pin feature will help you to pin important email that you don’t want to forget. Hover over an email and tap the pin icon the mail that you pined will be in front and top of your inbox .you can un pin the emails to remove it from top of your inbox interface.

Inbox Pin Important Emails

Snooze Emails

Yesterday I wrote about how to Snooze Emails on Inbox .if you get emails at an inconvenient time inbox will snooze it to come back snooze emails click on the clock icon and pick a time you can pick any time you want or you can pick a place like work or Home .it will disappear from your inbox until the time you have chosen for snooze.

 how to Snooze Emails on Inbox

Bundle Emails

Bundling Email will automatically sorts your email into different Categories, like Gmail Primary, Social, Promotions and update tabs. Inbox’s bundle feature is much more stylish and easy to use. The default categories include Purchase, travel, updates, and finance and you can customize a specific email to appear in which category.

inbox Bundle Emails

Archive bundles with Sweep

Sweep Feature Will allow you to archive your email bundles at just one click .to do that click on the check mark above bundle and it will be send to archive folder’s. Sweep will save your time for manually going through and archiving individual Emails. Your pined email will always on your inbox so you can’t archive pined emails.

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