Top 5 Chrome Extension For Google Drive

There are many Cloud storage services out there Google Drive is Among them .Google Drive has wide range of Features. The good thing about Google Drive is you can use Google Drive with Gmail, Picasa web albums, Spread sheets, Google Docs and other Google Services. Google Drive has Some Native features that already make it a Best Cloud hosting services. Use this 5 Chrome Extensions to make your Google Drive more Powerful

Google Drive

Music player for Google Drive 

Music player for google Drive is a Simple lightweight online music Player for your music Files Stored in Google Drive. You can play Audio files from its own interface or Directly from google Drive supports MP3, MP4,WAV, OCG, and AAC .

music player Google Drive

 Save to Google Drive

Many chrome users are familiar with Save to google Drive .it helps you save web contents (such as Images, Screenshots, webpages ) to your Google Drive. Once you see an image or link you want to send to google Drive. Simply right click on the image and save Image to google Drive.

Save image to google Drive

Sync Google Drive with Dropbox, OneDrive, Box and etc

This Extension help you to Sync and manage all your files in other Cloud Services like OneDrive , Dropbox etc. with google drive. You can sync backup and integrate any files in your Dropbox, OneDrive, Box, Evernote, and Egnyte with Google Drive. this extension setup is simple and can be done from Google Drive interface . 


Frogpad lets you to keep your Documents Private like your company Documents or New Stories that you working on. frogpad is an free extension it secures documents with a encryption and allow you to add passwords to keep your documents Private .

Save Text to Google Drive

The save text to google Drive Extension lets you save web page text contents to your Google Drive. You can use Owlsee Reader to read the saved text files. you can save text files from any pages you like .

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