Top 10 Smartphone Technologies Coming in 2015

10. Windows 9
Windows 9 will be an important step forward for Microsoft after the much-loved(s) Windows 8. The windows 9 smartphone will be 64 bit only and integrate between Microsoft’s mobile devices and desktops or should also be a key feature. Whether or not Windows 9 will be a successor? Is yet to be seen.

windows 9 smartphone

9. LG G-Flex 2

LG G-Flex 2 the original G-Flex smartphone had some ground-breaking features including self-healing technology and flexible body. However spot this LG is already setting a release date on the next G-Flex. Set to be released in the second quarter of 2015.Samsung promises to have new features even more unique than a flexible screen. Well there’s no ruled idea on what these features will be. Some sources have guessed that could be an ultra-flexible Phone. Capable of ninety degree bends.

8. Android Silver

The Android silver will be the replacement of Nexus line of smart phones. It is set to serve as a benchmark. The verse Android silver Phone is rumored to be an LG Smart Phone. Possibly the G-Flex 2 which will Release next year.

Android silver

7. 4k Resolution smartphone

High Resolution smartphones continues to improve the improvements in by video and picture quality becoming evident. 4k resolution Smartphone will debut next year. As a 4k Resolution.The Snapdragon 800 Phone has already been shown to the public.

6. Holographic smartphone

Technology for holographic smartphones has already been developed and shown off by a Company. Who build a holographic projector in the size of a tic-tac which is designed into a smartphone. Amazon is rumored to be creating first holographic phone and the opportunities for app development and video playback with holographic technology it may prove to be a huge success

5. I Phone 6

A second version is rumored to be 5.5 inches. And will also debut in 2015 the 5.5 inch model is expected to blur the lines between tablets and smartphones being the first Apple product be classified as a tablet.

4. Samsung Galaxy S6

The Galaxy S6 is confirmed to be released in 2015. It has speculated Features including Q HD display bendable displaced and a 4k video camera will be one of the most advanced smartphones available when is released.

3. First Transparent Smartphone

The world’s first transparent Smartphone when polytron technologies unveiled a transparent Mobile concept last year it was speculated that a transparent Smartphone could be released at the end of the year. But it did not happen. Is very possible that the first transparent phone could be revealed next year while the concept seems questionable. A transparent find that can switch between opaque and transparent would be very useful twine.

2. Samsung’s world-first foldable Smartphone

Foldable phone technology was showing off back in April this year. Then Samsung announced that it could sell a completely foldable Mobiles by 2015 or 2016. a foldable Phone would blur the lines and how smartphone should look as the shaper the fine could be continuously changed

1. Google’s Project Ara

This idea behind the smartphone is to create a Phone that is more like a desktop computer with removable and customizable of the many benefits to this is if any damage happened to the Phone the Damage peace hardware could be easily removed. And the phone itself could be continuously upgraded much like a
Desktop computer .

Google’s Project Ara

so which one of these technologies you most looking forward see to next year leave a comment

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