Top 10 Indie Games of 2014

Indie games are called independent Games these games are created by small teams or One person .these games take years to build from scratch .indie games are driven by Digital Distribution .The increase in popularity of independent games has allowed increased distribution on popular gaming platforms such as Xbox Live, PlayStation Network, Steam, and Nintendo

10. Cradle

What are the great choice experiencing works from other countries is the ability to travel to new places And discover ideas that would never cross our digital played otherwise. Take for example cradle a first-person exploration game from some other developers behind the stocker series. Mystery lies at the heart nearly everything here. Who is that mechanical woman what secrets lie in the abandoned amusement park more importantly how did you get here? cyberpunk allied with the Mongolian highlands in one of the most bizarre And fascinating games to come out hopefully this year the

9. Rain World

Not to be confused with the Kevin Costner abomination rain world throws you into an abandoned industrial world. The broken bridges and rusty chains pinning you against the mindless mutant mass is preying upon anything in Clause length. And did we forget to mention the euro slug cap elite move your fat at FreeCell from ledge to ledge to travel this world in search for food. As you start your cycle hibernation it skill or run like hell in the scheme of puzzles with the enemy AI just waiting for you to slip up the No.

8. Reset

think a bit like wall-e but with a massive robot in place a little gizmo on trance the developers behind reset describe the game as an open-world the war mystery we’ll get to piece together engine technology for the future to discover the past while we’ve only seen into the game play so far it’s the visuals are raindrops on Hard metal that strike at the heart of the game. Nature and technology collide when man is removed from the equation look to get your hands on reset on the PC in the not too distant future

7. Ether one

Ether one smacks at the Dorm of Initiative from lost with the grimy lab walls and that strange feeling where you can’t quite put the pieces together. you are a restorer someone who was sent into the mine to the insane to put the pieces back together or die trying need to dig through every drawer in a dark alley way to uncover the lost memories in this dreary coastal town keep an open mind when you explore ether one.

6. Aaru,s Awekening

Both beautiful and dangerous like the wild jungle it takes place in are as a weakening keeps you on the edge every death-defying leap in near-miss. As you make your way through. much remains a mystery to this massive leaping behemoth the fur and claws what moves you forward or what awaits once you get there what we do know is that will be controlling this little ball that shoots out an axe is a work we point throw it through a tight space to hit that next ledge before you get a taste of the spikes below

5. scale 

really it’s all about perspective things that are big can become small and vice versa in scale first-person puzzler coming to your PC sometime in the future developer Steve swank place of common assumptions about Depth And size the smallest trinket can house a world to explore while a lumbering obstacle can become useful when brought down size

4. Fract OSC

Starship is actually wrong we didn’t build the city on rock and roll. more like popper technology with sent by posing for every square inch but the neon landscape fract OSC puts a backbeat to mist as you explore an alien world using music to solve puzzles the beats and rhythm move you to make your way to a symphony challenges by rearranging beats in changing the temp you change the world around you .Opening up new pathways or breaking down barriers music in fract OSC is truly the key to everything.

3. Hyper Light Drifter

if you’re not already excited about Hyper light drifter you may want to get checked out it has it all the mysteries. stranger with a gun RPG action crazy enemies coming at you all at once dreams are built on this kind of game play for the personal droning your side you’ll use your ever-expanding Arsenal just to keep one step ahead the ravenous pack the pixel masterpiece challenges players to think on their Thumbs we’re trying not to be distracted but the detailed world around them

2. Kingdom come Deliverance 

there no Dueling Banjos in Kingdom Come deliverance .but there will be horseback riding large-scale battles and lots and lots of sword fighting delivered in three acts were more studios looks to craft an experience that’s both open in story focused allowing the player to choose how he wants to tackle each other missions building in Cry Engine every second the games look gorgeous so Far began easily stand toe to toe but many of the bigger titles mining on the next-gen systems urge

1. Star Citizen

if you’ve ever loved rocketing through the inky darkness of Space launching a few rockets at your enemies in hitting the afterburners before they knew what hit them that we have a game for you star citizen looks to throw you back into the cockpit and into a universe as vast and unpredictable as the real one the man behind all of this Chris Roberts created some of the most iconic Space games including Wing Commander Wing Commander privateer and freelancer star citizen consists of two parts with the single player branching campaign leading you into the massively multiplayer persistent world we’ll do everything from Holly precious cargo to engaging in massive fines .

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