Top 10 Android Games November 2014

1. Star Wars Galactic Defense

Star wars Galactic Defense is a Tower defense game in star wars Style .this is free game you can choose to play as Light Side or Dark Side .the game offers option to upgrade your Defense’s and Ability . Support your Defense’s by Different tower types .and you can play with your friends to take out the Villains .it is a free game so grab this awesome Game from Playstore link HERE.

Star wars Galactic Defense

2. Angry Birds Transformers

From Rovio there is an another awesome angry bird game that you want to play all day .Angry birds Transformers Different From other Angry birds games .instead of slingshot to knock down the Pigs a transformer bird trying to take out the pigs while going through the Stage .you have to blast all of the pigs before end of the Angry birds transformers Roaster heroes and Villains are available you can unlock and collect them .and you can upgrade your Weapons. There is one special option you can borrow your friend’s characters to make a two birds attack .you can Download Angry Birds Transformers FREE

3. Battle Heart Legacy

Battle heart Legacy is an action Role Play game .after choosing your character you can learn skill and abilities that will turn your character into 12 different characters .there are more than 100 quests to complete .it is an 3D game so the visuals are stunning and wonderful. Battle heart Legacy is available for 4.99$ you can download it from Playstore LINK

Battle Heart Legacy

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4. Secret of mana

This is probably one of the Best RPG game that I ever played .Secret of Mana is similar to Final Fantasy Series. I am sure it will fulfill your exaptation with its Deep Storyline with Epic Music .I played it for Hours and hours .you Can Download the Secret of Mana For 9.00$ form Play Store LINK.

Secret of mana

5. Metal Skies

It is an Ariel Combat Simulator. As you attempt to rule the Air, you have to fight through Other Skies. There are 22 Different Skies Available which you can customize the look with different type of weapons and Skills .this game give a Nice Decent HD Graphics .This is Free game you can download form the apppstore LINK

Metal Skies

6. Cars Fast as Lighting

  If you are a cars movie fan you will Definitely Love this game .it is An Impressive Racing Game .this games Voice acting is brilliant .You will get real racing experience with Interactive Animations and Well Created 3D World .Cars fast as lighting is Free. Download it From HERECars Fast as Lightin

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7. South Park Pinball

Play with your favorite TV Show Characters of South park .This Probably one of the Best Pinball game for Android .the game offers Cute visuals ,Addictive Rounds .what I like most about this game is its Splendid Sound Effects. You have to buy this game from Playstore

8. FIFA 15 Ultimate Team 

This is one of Best Football game Available for Mobile Devices .it have more than 10,000 players ,34 Grounds,33 leagues ,585 teams .Build Your Dream team with Football Stars like Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo ,Kaka etc. through Facebook you can play and challenge your Friends Online it is a Free game you can Download it From HERE

Fifa 15

9. Sentinel 4 Dark Star

This tower Defense game offers campaign game across 26 different Stages in multiscreen Environments .it will be Treat for peoples Who Love Tower Defense games .this is not a free game You Have to pay for Download 

Sentinel 4 Dark star

10. Assassin’s Creed Pirates

Become one of the most feared pirates of the Caribbean in this exclusive Assassin’s Creed adventure on Your Android Phone .Play as Alonzo a Young pirate Captain. This is an Must have assassin, Creed game comes with thrilling Navel battles and high Definition 3D Environment .become a pirate king by Winning over 50 missions And Tasks .Assassin Creed Pirates is Decently Worth Downloading .this is Free Game Download it From The Apppstore LINK


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