Technology News and Updates 05-05-2015

iPhone 6 and 6+ is become a big Success for Apple. Apple sold 61.1 million mobiles in the first three months. Which is only 40.3 billion profit.

Just as Expected, YouTube going to introduce monthly subscription for Watching YouTube videos without ads.

Microsoft’s Outlook e-mail is going to Change as Office 365. A year ago Microsoft changed Hotmail to Outlook.

Facebook just launched a new App called Hello, that Let you to Call and text for people for free using Messenger. How many Apps I have to keep for call and Text.

Technology News and Updates 05-05-2015

if you want your website to Visible in Google Mobile Search, your Site must be a Mobile Friendly Site. Otherwise Google mobile search will not Display your Site in Google Search. 

Check your website,

Samsung mobile sales is higher than Apple mobile Sales However because of the lower Price rate of Samsung Mobiles Samsung’s Annual profit is less than Apple.

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Google has improved its Google Chrome Browser in Apple’s iOS. Such as Viewing Weather Report without Opening the Website, you can the Features that presented in the Below Image.

Technology News and Updates 05-05-2015


WhatsApp call Feature for iPhone is Now Available. The sound is Very clear so you can talk comfortably. The calls are connecting faster than other OS Platforms.

Facebook Removed Inactive accounts in March 2015, Because of that Facebook Page owners seen a Sudden drop on their Facebook Page of my Page lost 300 likes L.

Google Calendar App is now available for iPhone users. It was previously limited in Android Only.

WhatsApp reached the milestone of 1 billion downloads on Android. Only few Apps Have Reached 1 Billion Downloads before; Gmail, Google Maps, Google Search, YouTube, Facebook & Angry Birds.

Google Plus has failed. The closing ceremony will held as soon as possible or else Google will change something to get Users.

Amazon Cloud is becoming popular, they are offering the Service for Low Price and challenging other cloud services like Dropbox, Google Drive to offer such fees.

Now you can View your Google plus Photos in Google Drive, Google is gradually giving this Feature to everyone.

Microsoft Windows 10 is going to be the last Version of Windows Operating System. After that the new version will be Available as Update. There will be No Windows 11, Windows 12 in the future.

Microsoft Windows 10 is going to be the last Version of Windows


Google has simplified the Contacts section in Gmail. I tried it is very nice.

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