Simple Trick to Increse your Android Phone Speed

Is your android phone or tablet is running Slow, and you think your Android Phone or Tablet could use a boost, this trick will help you to Speed up your Android is really a simple trick that allow users to access Android Developer Options – it is an secret menu that has few useful Options.

The Developer option is part of Android operating System, So every android users can Access it on their Phone or tablet, No matter what version of Android your phone is running you can improve your Android device Speed with few taps.

This method is completely safe, it won’t harm your phone or you’re personal Data in anyway. If you don’t like the final result, you can easily change your settings to default and go back to original setup.

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Simple Trick to Increse your Android Phone Speed

How to speed up Android Device with Developer Options

Open Android Settings, Scroll all the way to the bottom and choose “About Phone” if you are using Tablet “About Tablet”.

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On the about phone Screen, find build number (Probably it will be the last item on the screen)

In few seconds you will see a message says you are now a Developer. After that message you can see Developer Options menu added to the settings.

Tap and Open Developer options, you will see a list of various Option, the first fw Options won’t be useful for you unless you’re an Developer. Scroll down to the end of that menu and you will find the following three Options Window Animation Scale, Animator Animation Scale and Transition animation scale.

By default each settings value will be set to 1x, to increase android device Speed change the values to 0.5x

That’s it from now on all window and transition animation will be 50 percent shorter than usual, which will make your android device faster. If you want you can completely turn off those Animations. However If there is no animation you might miss the smooth UI experience. 

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