Root Your Android Device in one Click Using Kingo Root

If you are an Android user you must know that dealing with an Android Device is quite complicated. You have to Root your Android Device to take full advantage of its Performances and Capabilities.

Rooting an Android Device means unlocking the Android OS so you will be able to install unapproved Apps, Overclock the Processor increase its performance, Update the Operating System and you can customize anything on your Android Phone or Tablet.

Rooting Process will be extremely annoying if there is no Tutorial available for your Device that case you can try the new windows Utility Kingo Android Root. With Kingo Root you can root almost all Android Devices available on the market.

Kingo Android Root is Free and Easy to Use, it let you to Root your Device in one works Good with almost all Android Devices, however before starting to Root your Device make Sure your Device is Available in the Kingo Root Compatibility List.

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This Root Tutorial is for those who want to get more from their Android Rooting your Handset or Tablet, you will gain Access to internal System of your Android Device which will let you make Changes, Optimize and Customize the OS for improving the Capabilities and performances. Furthermore, many Android Apps need Root Access to Work Properly. You can also install a custom ROM firmware on your Rooted Android Device.

how to Root Your Android Device in one Click

First you have to prepare your Android Device before Starting the Root Process. And Also Note these important things before Rooting your Device.

# first if you Root your Android Phone or tablet you will lose its Warranty. You are doing an unofficial Operation. So you can’t avoid this

# if you want your warranty in the future, you can get your Warranty back by updating the firmware to an official firmware. Also it is Possible to un Root the Device.

# Before Starting the Root Process I highly recommend you to backup your Data which is saved on your Phones internal memory. All of your data might be wiped out in the Root Process.

# Make sure your battery life is more than 60%, if there is less than 60 % you should Charge your Device.

# You must have a Windows PC and a USB cable.

# On your Android Device and Computer you Should not have any Programs or Security Settings (like antivirus) installed. If you have any, uninstall it before Starting to Root.

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How to Root an Android Device with kingo Root

1. Download Kingo Android Root and install it on Your Computer.

2. Then Enable USB debugging in your Android Device. To Do that Open Android Settings (if your Device Running Android 4.0 or 4.1) in Settings go to Developer Option and Check the box for “USB debugging”.

Android 4.2 Users Open Settings > About Phone > Developer Options and check “USB Debugging ” and Tap Ok.

how to Root Your Android Device in one Click

Peoples Who use Android 4.3 and later Go to Settings > About Phone > Build Number tap repeatedly on Build number until you see the message “You Are now a Developer”. After that In Settings go to About Phone then Developer Option and Check “USB debugging” and tap Ok.

3. Open kingo Android Root on your Computer and Connect your Android Device to the computer with USB few Seconds your Device will show a pop-up Message “Allow USB debugging”. Choose “Always allow from this computer” and tap Ok.

How to easily root an Android device

4. Click Root on kingo Root and wait for the program to Do its will take Approximately Two or Three minutes to Complete the Root Process. When you see the message “Root Succeeded” click Finish. And your Device will reboot. After the full Root Process, you will find an App named SuperSU on your Device.

How to easily root an Android device

And that it now your Devices is Rooted. If you want to UN Root your Android Phone or Tablet, just run Kingo Android Root again and connect your Phone like you did before then Remove Root.

how to Root Your Android Device in one Click

Use the comments area from below and share your Experience with everyone so it will be helpful for other users who want to use this guide. if you know any android Root tricks share it in the comments.

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