Resident Evil Remaster HD Release Date Announced

It was known that Resident Evil Remake would be coming in the early 2015 .and no exact release date was Known so far .Capcom announced that the Game will is coming on January 20, will be released on all major Consoles PC, Play station 4, PlayStation 3,Xbox one and Xbox 360.

Resident Evil Remaster will feature high resolution textures, high quality 3D Models, Realistic Lighting and Shadows , the game will come out with overall improvements . Capcom released some of this images this awesome Game the images show difference between Original and Remasterd we know exactly what it would like . Personally, I think this game will make sales more than resident Evil Revelation 2 .speaking of RE Revelation 2 Capcom will release Resident Evil Revelation 2 on February 2015.

Resident Evil HD

Resident Evil HD

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