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Grand theft Auto China Town Wars is one of the best game in the GTA series. China town Wars released on 2009 for Nintendo and PlayStation portable. Now Android Users have Chance to play this Amazing Game. Rockstar Games Released GTA Chinatown wars on Android the game Is Available Now on Google playstore And Amazon Appstore. For those peoples who never had a Nintendo DS or PSP your chance to play GTA Chinatown Wars has arrived.

Chinatown Wars Cost 4.99$ on Google playstore I know its little bit High. But it have hours of fun so your every penny is Worth .Chinatown wars has some Updates with high Resolution textures , customizable touchscreen controls and you can play this game With Controller on Supported Devices. This game has a cell shaded Graphics Style just the opposite to the realistic style Graphics shown in other Games.

Chinatown Wars  Android

Grand theft Auto Chinatown Wars Takes Place in the Grand Thief Auto 4 version of liberty city. It has some fun features that other GTA Games Don’t. The player can knock out as many police vehicles as possible to escape the police instead of leaving a “wanted zone.” The more stars the player has, the more police they have to knock down for each level. For example, for a six star level, they have to take out six police vehicle to get down to a five star wanted level.

For those who don’t know the Game plot. After his father’s assassination, Huang Lee has a simple assignment he was sent to deliver an ancient sword to his Uncle Kenny to confirm his family retains control of the Triad gangs of Liberty City. Huang is a ruined rich kid who wants everything to run as he likes, but his tour does not go exactly as expected. After he was robbed and left for Dead in the Worst Place of America, he will search for honor, riches and vengeance in the most dangerous and morally bankrupt city in the world.

Download gta chinatown wars for Android on playstore

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