New Google Tips and Tricks, Features 2015

I am a Big Fan of Google, they add new Features to their main portal on a Regular basis. You may Never Know about some of the features, like the ability to roll a dice and Flip a Coin. Here is my Favorite Google Search Features and Tricks.

Google Always Introduce new Features in United States before introducing to other countries. So some of the Features will not Work on your Country. In that case Add “&gl=us” to your Search URL to enables the feature.

Solve Math Problems

Now google Search Engine help you to solve math Equations. You can get Solutions for queries like “volume of a sphere” or “area of a circle with diameter of 20” you can see calculations by clicking the dropdown Arrow. This feature allow you to find solution for 3 dimensional curved shapes, Polygons, prisms, pyramids, Triangles, and Quadrilaterals.

New Google Tips and Tricks, Features 2015

Flip a Coin and Roll a Die

Google will help you to flip a Coin just Enter “flip a coin” and search in few seconds you will see a short animation then it will display Head or tails. You can also roll a die like the same way we did for the coin, type “roll a die” and Search it will show you a two dimensional Die with a number on it , you can roll the die again.

Google Flip a Coin

Read Full article in Google Search Page

When you search for Something Google show up a long Article for your doesn’t show up for every time. You can force the result to show up every time by adding “&tbs=ida:1&gl=us” to any search results URL.

Travel Directions

Google Search is integrated with Google Maps, you can get Travel Directions from search get directions type “From” and your Starting Point then “To” and your Destination point.

For Example: From Los Angeles to Santa Monica

Google Travel Directions

Find Coordinates

You can find latitude and longitude for any place type a Place name followed by “latitude longitude” and hit enter you will get exact coordinate to Any place without Leaving Google Search Page. You can also use “coordinate” instead “latitude longitude”.

Google Coordinates

Health information’s

When you search for some medical conditions Google will Show their Symptoms and Treatments in a small box. Google Says the results is added to the web after approved by a team of medical Professionals. 

Google Health information’s

Create Reminders

Google lets you to create reminders to Google Now from the google search page. Before creating a Reminder you must logged in to Your Google Account. Search “create reminder” and the reminder settings will open. Just assign your settings and select “Remind me on Google Now” and the remainder will be saved.

Convert Units

You don’t have to visit other Websites for unit Conversation Needs. Search for “unit converter “and hit enter your search result will Display with a Small box that has Calculations for Length, mass, Speed, Temperature, Fuel, Area , Digital Storage, and Time.

Check Flights

Google is trying to integrate Search with Everything. Search for “where is my package” or “When is my flight” and you will get your flight details from your Gmail inbox. You can turn off this feature in Search Settings Page.

View Synonyms and Antonyms

If you add “Synonyms” or “Antonyms” after a Word the Search Result will Display a dictionary info card to the Word it also Display a definition for the word. If you click any of the word on the definition Google will display more detail for the Word.

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