New Google Features, Tricks and Easter Eggs 2015

Google is more than search Engine .you can use Google for more than just search from useful things to fun things. These Google features and tricks will make you love Google even more than you did before. Try this interesting google Easter Eggs and comment about your favorite Easter egg.

Atari Breakout

On Google Image Search type “Atari Breakout” and get ready play the classic Atari game Breakout on Google image search page.

New Google Features, Tricks and Easter Eggs 2015

Google Timer

You can set up alarm and timer on Google you can set up alarm by searching any amount of time followed by the word “timer” for example if you search for “five minute timer” google will set the timer to 5 minutes and after five minutes you will hear an alarm sound.

Google Timer

Google Sky

Google Sky lets you explore the universe using NASA Satellite images you can view any Galaxy by searching its Name .with Google sky you can view mars and moon also.
visit Google Sky Website 

Top 5 Google Inbox Features

Google Ngram

Ngram is a fun  tool that help you to search for words in 5.2 million books published between 1500 and 2008 so you can view how much a word has been used between 1500 and 2008. To access, Google Ngram click this link

Pronounce Numbers

Do you ever confused how to pronounce huge numbers .if yes google will help you to figure how to pronounce the number that you type .you must add “=english” after the numbers to get results .for example 125469856 =english

Google Pronounce Numbers

Gmail +anything

This trick will help you to filter your emails. you can add “+anything” when typing your email address and it will work. For example “” this will be helpful for filtering emails by folder. Create email filter for all emails to send to “”. it’s like managing 2 email in a single email account.

Gmail +anything

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Smarty Pins

Google just released a fun Map game named Smarty Pins that gives you geographic trivia. The game will ask you geography based questions. And you have to drop your pins to answer the questions.

Smarty pin Game

Pac-man Google

Google recreated Pacman Game doodle for Pacman’s 30th anniversary. To play Pac-Man 30th anniversary game visit this Link 

Google Art 

What to know your culture with the help of Google Art Project you can view high-resolution photos of artwork from museums all around the World.

Google Wedding Plan

Google Will Help you plan Your Wedding you can announce the news, locate a place, make wedding plans, create a website and etc.
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Google Fonts

Google offers free gorgeous fonts that you can use on anything anywhere to google fonts website 

Konami Cheat Code

Google has used the Konami Code on a few of its products, including Google Play Games, Google Docs, and Google’s Chromebook Pixel. In Google Docs, typing the Konami Code will reverse your entire document, Swiping the Konami Code in the Google Play Games mobile app will unlock a clever achievement that reads, “All Your Games Belong To Us.” and in Google’s Chromebook Pixel, typing in the code will make the LCD stripe on the outside of the computer blink in a frenzy of various colors.

Chrome unable to connect mini game Easter egg

Google chrome browsers unable to connect to the internet page has a hidden a game inside, when you are in unable to connect to the internet page Press the space button to activate the game and your Chrome tab will quickly turn into an addictive endless runner game. while The T-Rex is running you have to prevent it from bumping into the saguaros.
Google Feud 

Google Feud is not an Easter Egg and its not even created by is an Online similar to the Television game Show Family Feud. The Developers used Google Search Engine’s Autocomplete Results to Create Google Feud. The game is all about guessing how google Search Engine will Autocomplete a Search Query for Example the game will Display half of a Phrase and the player have to guess the second half.the player will get points for Every Correct guess.  

Visit this Link to Play Google Feud 

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