New Features of Google Maps 9.8 Android

Recently Google Released a New updates for Google maps Android, the New Version 9.8 brings three changes that will surly enhance your experience. You will now able to add multiple Photos at a time, you can view all scheduled events using new Commends, and hide scheduled events on location cards. Here how to use Each Features:

New Features of Google Maps 9.8 Android

Google Maps Batch Upload Photos

Before this Update, if you wanted to upload multiple Photos to a Place, you had to add every photos One by one. Now you can upload multiple Photos at a same time. On a Location Page tap the overflow menu in the top right side, then Tap Add Photos and then tick on all the ones you want to Share. If you are finished Tap “Select “located at the top right.

Search Commends for Events

Google has added many Shortcuts to the Maps Application for your Accessibility. You can check your Upcoming Events by Saying or typing the Following Phrases.

My Hotels

My Reservations

My Events

My Flights

Hide Personal information’s

If you want to hide a Surprise Dinner Reservation and google maps is Raveling all of your Secrets. You can hide them .While you are in location info page and seeing the event Details, you can hide them by tapping the Overflow Menu and Press Hide.

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