Most Useful keyboard Shortcuts for Facebook, Twitter, Gmail,Mac and Chrome

Our computer habits are pretty regular Every Day. We Google thinks, Switch between Apps, Documents, Spreadsheets, Gmail, and Calendars. We check Twitter and Facebook. And we drag our fingers along our Laptops trackpad. If we could DO all those tasks without taking our Hands of the Keyboard or without Touching the trackpad or Mouse, we would save lot of our time.

these handy Keyboard shortcuts  will help you to save your Precious Time or at least you can save your Index finger from Repetitive stress syndrome.

You can use these shortcuts in your Browser, Desktop, Facebook and Even Gmail all of them are simple Shortcuts that will help you to accomplish things quickly.

Most important keyboard Shortcuts for Facebook, Twitter, Gmail,Mac



In your Facebook newsfeed you can navigate between stories by tapping J for Scroll down through your feed and K for go Up. (You can also use Arrow Keys. But you can’t Select a Post ) if you want like a Post Once it is Selected just tap L if you want to Share Press S or you can Comment by pressing C , remember you must have selected a particular Newsfeed in order to use these shortcuts . If you want to update your Status Tap P.


Twitter Keyboard Shortcuts are Super Simple; to create a New Tweet Press N, R for Reply, T for retweet, and F for Favorite a tweet. You can use J and K to Scroll down and Scroll Up. If you are Using Twitter App in Mac the Shortcuts are little different. You can hit F to Favorite a Tweet, and for all the other Shortcuts Press Command at the same time for Example to create a new Tweet Press Command + N.


Gmail offers So much interesting Features, it has more time saving hidden shortcuts than any other Services on the web. After typing a message Press control + Enter (command + Enter in mac) to Send the Add CC recipients hit Control/command + Shift+ C .to Add BCC recipients Tap Control/Command + Shift + B.

Creating hyperlinks in Gmail is Pretty Simple. You just need to highlight the Text you want to add hyperlink and hit Control/Command + K, a pop up window will Appear and ask you to Paste the URL.

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Google Calendar

We would lost important things without Google calendar. Use these Time saving Shortcuts to Plan your Schedules in time. Press C to create an Event, if you are moved into the Past or Future and Want come back to today Press T, you can switch to the month View by Pressing M, if you want to switch to Day View Hit D or 1.

Mac Spotlight

Mac Spotlight is an incredible Feature that you may or may not using. Using Spotlight Search you can Search in your computer and Web at the same time, to Open Spotlight Press Command + Spacebar and just enter what you are looking for. For Example if I Type “Games” my search results include an Word Document with the word Games plus an iTunes link related to Games, and a Wikipedia Link to Video Games.

Google Chrome

Most of the Internet User Live in Google Chrome, so these Shortcuts will be useful if you are a fan of Chrome Browser. To Open a New Tab Press Control/ Command + T , to Open a New Window Hit Control/ command + N. if you want to Switch between tabs press Control / command + Tab. while Switching Tabs if you want to go back to Previous Tab Press Control + Shift + Tab .

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