Most Popular Programming Languages

More than 1000 programming languages are used in the Computer World and new language created Every Year .Every program languages have their Specializations and has its Pro and Cons. Some languages become popular and used by more than few users. Here is the list of most used programming languages.


PHP used on 65.45 % of the top 1 million is Free and Open Source, PHP is a server side interpreted non compiled programming Language(Server-side Programming is a method used in web development which includes engaging scripts on a web server which produce a response customized for each user’s request to the website). PHP can written within HTML because the code is executed by the server the result is displayed to the user as plain text. PHP supports HTML, CSS, HTML, JavaScript and PHP code (“<?php>” ).PHP Used in more than 20 million Websites including Wikipedia, Facebook and WordPress.

Most Used Programming Languages


Java is a Popular Programming language used in various platforms like Websites, Web Applications, and Software’s and Games. JavaScript Used to check Username Availability and prevent the need to reload the page On Websites. It used to build Autocomplete function on your Website and Enhance HTML text boxes. JQuery is the most Popular JavaScript Library in use on the Web.


C++ is an Object Oriented Programming language; it is highly used in Video Games and mobile Apps. C++ can develop Application for Windows and Linux. C++ is Portable across multiple Devices (Apple, Windows Phone, Blackberry and more).

C++ Programming


Java is a Server Side Interpreted Compiled Language Using a Virtual machine. Java is not related to is one of the Oldest Programming Language. More than million Devices run java. Java lets you to Upload Photos online, View Interactive maps, Play online Games, Take Virtual Tours (Google Earth Street View).


Python is a server Side interpreted, non-Compiled, Open Source Scripting Language .it can be used on its own and part of another framework. Python used to Develop Websites, Create Desktop graphic user interface (GUI), Develop Software’s and games.


This is a Server side Interpreted non-compiled Programming Language. Ruby is blend of the programming languages Ada, Perl, Smalltalk, Lisp, Eiffel .ruby become popular because of its use with ruby on rails, which is a rapid development framework like python. Ruby used to build Simulation and Web applications. Ruby is highly Portable programming language works on many Operating has multiple implementations including Jruby, Rubinius, macruby .

Ruby Programming


Asynchronous JavaScript and Xml is abbreviate as AJAX this is not a Programming Language but AJAX is a way to use multiple languages together. Ajax works by using JavaScript in background to communicate with the Server, to allow the page to change without Refreshing the page. Ajax used in all browser chat system such as Facebook, google Talk, Facebook uses it for Photos and chat. Mails Entire Interface Run on Ajax .you can’t use Ajax successfully unless you have mastered JavaScript, XML, and CSS.

AJAX Programming

Objective C

This is an Object Oriented Programming language, Objective C is based on C language it is used by Apple Developers. Objective C Used to develop iOS apps and Build Applications for OS X .Objective C is the Best language for iOS development. You cannot use objective C for other Platforms like Android and Windows.

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