Monitor WhatsApp Messages of your kids – too much privacy can be dangerous

If you are one of those parents who have really left their kids on their own, then maybe learning about the hazards of too much privacy is the kick that you need. 17.5 percent of the total sexual content available over the internet comprises of children aged 15 or below, according to a study conducted by The internet Watch Foundation (IWF) in collaboration with Microsoft. Just imagine if it’s your child sitting in front of a mobile phone’s camera to record an explicit video, due to your lack of interest in their activities.

Monitoring is not a bad phenomenon, it’s a measure to ensure that your children’s are provided with necessary protection against the dangers of this digital world. Kids who are involved in sharing nude and seminude photography and videos can really blow their reputation, not in school but for years to come.

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There are too many technological innovations and too many gadgets at your home. Your single kid might be surrounded with a smartphone, a laptop, and an iPad. So how would you expect them not to use these electronics very frequently?

Monitor WhatsApp Messages of your kids


If you are completely living in the dark about what your kids are up to, start to monitor WhatsApp chats. This is one ingenious way to start off with the rest of the parental monitoring. It’s so because, this certain app is one of the most extensively used for instant messaging and probably your kids would be using it too.

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WhatsApp chats, photos, Videos and recordings

To monitor WhatsApp, without intervening in your kid’s activities, you can go for a remote smartphone monitoring app, something like XNSPY. With this app, you will be able to spy their WhatsApp chats with complete details of the contacts and all the media files shared.

How to Monitor WhatsApp Messages

Other perks of XNSPY

The app has many other uses. It can monitor all other IM apps like Facebook, Line, Viber and Skype in a very similar fashion.

You can also use this app as a remote control so that you can lock your kid’s smartphone whenever, you feel necessary. With this feature, you can also delete all the stored data on the target user’s device.

XNSPY is also a GPS tracker. Locate your kid in real-time or search location history through a webpage based control panel. It’s a great app to monitor WhatsApp chats, if that’s what you are looking out for!

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