Minimize Email Screen in Mail App on iPhone and iPad

if you spend most of your time composing and replying emails from your iPhone. Obviously you have come across situation like while writing an email you want to add information to it from another email so what you do is save and close the draft to Open the other Email it must be hard.

A new iOS 8 Feature let users minimize emails.users can minimize their current mail composition or reply’s and access Inbox to Open other emails, .

How to minimize email in iPad

How to Minimize Emails in iPhone or iPad mail App

First open the Mail app on your iPhone and compose a new message then follow the below instructions:

Step 1

Tap and hold the subject header  of the new Email you just created (you can use this for email replies also) and drag it down to the bottom of your Phone screen when you do this you will see the mail App’s inbox at the back.

Step 2

Now that Email is minimized and you have access to the inbox, Sent, Outbox, drafts, and other features of Mail App.

Step 3

If you want to maximize and return back to the minimized email. At the bottom of the mail App, the minimized mail’s subject header will be visible just tap it to maximize that Email.

You can use this method to minimize email forwarding, email replies, and new mail composition. It is one of the useful feature that help iPhone users to send data or information’s from another email.

Even you can minimize multiple emails at Once when you try to access those emails, you will have a little flip menu of your email composition and replies.

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Minimize Email in Mail App on iPhone and iPad

If your Mail App does not have this feature you need to update your iOS to a newer version. The mail minimization feature requires iOS 8 or later version.

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