Microsoft Cortana integration in spartan windows 10

Microsoft released their Latest Technical Preview of windows 10 in January. One of the main feature Windows 10 has is the Cortana Integration. At this post I am going to Explain about microsoft Cortana integration in Spartan running on Windows 10.

Spartan is one of the first windows 10 app Microsoft to include Cortana integration. For those who don’t know. Spartan is a code name for Microsoft’s new web browser coming in Windows 10 and if you never heard about cortana it is you personal Digital Assistant its sort of like the OS smantha from the movie her but its not an Operating System and not Powerful as shown in the movie.

So integration with Cortana, it can help you out with browsing the web. A good example is when visiting business sites like restaurants. In the address bar Cortana will let me know that it got details about this business. Clicking on the blue circle would give me a sidebar dedicated to Cortana where it can lists details about the business such as location opening hours reservations customer reviews and more. Clicking on any one of these links will take you to a new tab. you can explore these details further if that’s what you want to do.

Microsoft Cortana integration in spartan windows 10

Cortana can also be helpful in other ways to. For instance you’re reading something on the internet and references a place you’ve never heard of before in this case I don’t know about Tunnel View – Yosemite National Park. I simply highlight the text right click and select Ask Cortana it Open the Cortana sidebar again and give me the details about the Tunnel View – Yosemite National Park. With the help of Cortana I’ve got details for its location a brief description, related searches and photos this also works for things like finding out the definition of a word.

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All you have to do is highlight a word that you want to know definition right click and select ask Cortana. And Cortana will give you the definition for that word in Sidebar. It will be great for providing reports for school or work. This works pretty much for anything if I want to know about the Movie Avengers I can know about avengers without having to leave the web page that I am in.

If i highlight the word Avengers and ask Cortana it will pulls in details about Avengers Plot, cast & crew and more. This is truly amazing the power of Cortana and its integration with Spartan. Furthermore Cortana also lives in the address bar so if you want to know something that like the weather just typing in weather into the address bar would give me a weather result. Thanks to microsoft Cortana it doesn’t take me to a separate dedicated page for weather just tells me in the address bar that’s why windows 10 Cortana is absolutely fantastic.

This is very Early Cortana is still in Development along with windows 10, and this isn’t currently available to the public. So I expect more features to be available in future windows 10 builds.

Microsoft Cortana integration in spartan windows 10

there is more things you need to know about cortana. in feature i will Write more about cortana 

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