Making of Phases a hardcore Indie Game

  Phases is a puzzle and Action Game. Phases Gameplay is Simple the player Control an white object that will be in Round or square shape with that object the player has to go through the stage without colliding on Black color Objects .it’s simply like light vs Dark .if the white Object Collide with black Object The Game will be over. Phases have more than 355,108 downloads on Appstore. In addition, the game just ranked #36 in the apple Appstore.

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Phases iOS

Phases have more than 40 Levels and its Real-time physics makes the Game Interesting and Addictive. If you like, Physics based Games then you better start Download and Play. You can Download Phases for IOS from this Appstore LINK . Phases is not released in Google Play Store.

Phases Trailer: 

The game was created by Trey Smith CEO of Build Box. Trey Smith Created this Game While Building a Game Engine Called Build Box. Moreover, the Game was completed in just 2 Weeks that is very fast. Trey Smith Wrote in Build Box Blog that phases was a Surprise Hit.

“We had no clue the game would be so popular, hitting the top of the app store and #1 on Steam Greenlight. Pretty amazing and a bit mind blowing for us.”

Trey Smith posted a Video on his Blog about the making of Phases .in this Video Trey Smith Explains how he created the art and Level Design. The game Was Created using Build Box.

In this below Video you can See how the game Phases Was Built


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