List of Top Paying Programming Languages 2015

Did you ever wondered  which programming language pay the most. A report from Business insider states, the average salary for a computer programmer just increased to all time high as it come up to $100, is the list of Top paying Programming Languages.

10. Visual Basic .NET

Average Salary: $85,962

Visual basic .Net is another major language of the .NET framework. In this language developer use statements to specify actions, and .Net Framework mainly used for commercial purposes. And it is still among the best Programming language to know in 2015

List of Top Paying Programming Languages 2015

9. C # (C Sharp)

Average Salary: $89,074

C# is a new language that is created as an evolution of C and C++. it was developed to build a wide range of enterprise Applications that run on Microsoft .Net framework. C# is becoming more popular and has a diverse variety of Programming Styles. 

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8. R Language

Average Salary: $90,055

Statisticians use the R language for developing data analysis and statistical software’s. If you like mathematics it will be easy for you to learn the R language.

7. C language

Average Salary: $90,134

Created in the 1970’s, the C Programming Language is the oldest and one of the most popular language. Many programming languages have borrowed from C, including Java, JavaScript and Python.

Average Salary: $91,461

List of Top Paying Programming Languages 2015

JavaScript and Java are different languages and it is a dynamic Programming Language. JavaScript is not popular as its big brother Java. It is mostly used on Dynamic Web pages for Validation and Submission, Ussr Activity Tracking, Animation and etc.

5. C++

Average Salary: $93,522

C++ is developed as an extension of the C is an general purpose programming language that has been around since the 80’ is widely used in commercial software’s development, Embedded software’s, Video games, Server clients and etc.

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4. Java

Average Salary: $94,908

One of the main reason java is so popular today is because it is a favorable option for client server web is used at the core of many application on and off the web, Operating System and devices like mobile is developed to be portable on all platforms as possible. Approximately there are 9 million java developers are there in the industry.

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3. Python

Average Salary: $100,717

Highest Paying Programming Language

Python is one of the Popular Programming Language it also known as Easiest Programming Language to is an open Source free to use programming Language. It is widely used by many developers. Python is popular because it’s easy to learn it allow Developers to express concepts in fewer lines of code 

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2. Objective C

Average Salary: $108,225

It is a high level programming Language expanded on the C is used by some of the first iOS Developers, Objective C is used in Apple’s OSX, it powers iOS and its API. It is one of the most popular and rewarding Programming language in Todays Computers industry. It also can work side by side with Apple’s new Programming Language Swift.

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1. Ruby

Average Salary: $109,460

Ruby Highest Paying Programming Language in 2015

Ruby is not popular as most Developers favorite Programming language like Java, Python & C. however it is becoming one of the top first choices for startups in the US and Europe countries. Since Ruby is Open Source and has a large number of community culture, it is likely to become a Popular Programming Language Soon. 

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