List of Easter Eggs Hidden on the internet 2015

Easter eggs is a wonderful thing to find in a video game or movie. it is even more fun thing to find  in real some of the easter eggs hidden around the internet.   

List of Easter Eggs Hidden on the internet 2015


Mozilla Firefox Easter Eggs 

In Mozilla Firefox browser type “about: robots” in the Address bar and you will see a fun pop culture message about robots

Similarly in Firefox address bar enter “about:mozilla” and you will get a chance read a gospel form the book of Mozilla

Mozilla Firefox Easter Eggs

Facebook Easter Eggs

Facebook Globe icon 

Did you ever noticed your Facebook notification globe icon.The globe icon will change depending on where you live in the world (current location)

Here is the globe icon look alike for U.S users

Facebook Easter Eggs 2015

And here is the globe icon for Europe region users 

Facebook Easter Eggs

Facebook Pirate English Easter egg

You can change your Facebook Primary language to English Pirate.Go to Facebook Settings and click edit on language then choose your Primary Language as English (Pirate). Now your home button name become Home Port, Find Friends become Scour fer Mateys, Newsfeed Changes to Captains Log, log out becomes Abandon Ship and many more cool Pirate Words.

Facebook Message Notification Sound

Facebook notification sound has a hidden message in it. The sound is actually a music note (chord).

The first note is F, Second is A, then C and E; together all of them say FACE.

Spotify Easter eggs

Every Spotify App Update notes have a hilarious note, look at the end of the Spotify updates. Each update notes last line has a note like this “Fictitious: this app will swap any sticker for messi”

Google Easter Eggs

Atari Breakout

Go to google image search and Type “Atari Breakout” in the Search box. in few seconds you can play Atari’s classic game Breakout.

Google Easter Eggs  2015 Atari Breakout
image google

Chrome T-Rex mini game Easter egg

Google chrome browsers unable to connect to the internet page is actually a game, when you see unable to connect to the internet message Press the space button to activate the game and your Chrome tab will quickly turn into an addictive endless runner game. While The T-Rex is running you have to prevent it from bumping into the saguaros.

Chrome Easter egg T-Rex mini game

Google Hangouts Easter Eggs

In Hangouts chat, enter “/bikeshed” and the chats background color will change or enter “/ponystream” for my little pony takeover you can also try “/shydino”.


On IMDB, This Is Spinal Tap page the Rating button shows -/11 instead of -/10, however, you can only rate up to 10.

Digg Konami code Easter Eggs

Give a Visit to and enter the Konami code. The code is “up arrow +up arrow +down arrow + down arrow +left arrow +right arrow + left arrow +right arrow + B + A”.

the Konami code

Just enter the code and See what happens the Konami code is a Chat Code that used in many Konami Games although it is used in many other games, google Products and some websites. 

Digg Konami Easter Eggs


Go to United Kingdom’s Vogue Website and Enter the Konami Code. The Konami Code is up + up + down + down + left + right + left + right + B + A. After typed the code wait and see what happens.

# Learn the basics of Photoshop in 2 hours

Konami Code

Konami code was used on many websites, Google has used the code on a few of its products, including Google Play Games, Google Docs, and Google’s Chrome book Pixel. In Google Docs, typing the Konami Code will reverse your entire document, swiping the Konami Code in the Google Play Games mobile app will unlock a clever achievement that reads, “All Your Games Belong To Us.” and in Google’s Chromebook Pixel, typing the code will make the LCD stripe on the outside of the computer blink in a frenzy of various colors.

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