iOS 8 Features for iPhone

Apple’s New Operating System iOS 8 has many hidden Features. Probably you don’t know about these Features like saving medical information, Recovering Deleted Photos, Email Notification for Specific Emails, Credit Card Scanner, Vintage look. Here is the list of Top 10 iOS 8 Features.

1. Recover Deleted Photos

If you mistakenly deleted your Photo, you can recover it back. Open your Photo App and find the Album “Recently Deleted”. from there you can restore your Deleted photos .your deleted photos available in recently deleted for 30 Days only after 30 days you can’t bring back Deleted Photos.


2. Medical ID

You can store your medical information on iPhone. IOS Health app has medical information it can be accessed via the lock screen. Anyone can access and view your medical information in case of any emergency. Medical id can be accessed without password.

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3. Save Battery Life

Battery Usage tool gives a percentage of what applications are droning your Battery Life view which App takes more of your battery Life Go to General > Usage > Battery Usage .from there you can view Battery usage of Running apps.


4. Notification banner

In iOS 8 you don’t have to switch apps to respond notifications .you can respond to your reminders messages, Emails and calendar notifications .when you get a new notification a notification banner will Appear on top of the Screen you can respond from there or you can pull the notification Down.

iOS Quick Replay

5. iOS 8 Vintage Look

iOS Grayscale mode will Change your Device Modern interface into Black and white. Go to General > Accessibility and turn on the Grayscale mode .Now everything on your Device will appear black and White.

6. Scan Credit Card

Credit card Scanner help you to fill Credit card information’s automatically. When you purchase anything via Safari browser. Scan credit card option will be show while making payments. Scan credit card button will appear above keyboard tap to select it then hold your Card in the highlighted area by camera .and it will scan your information and enter it for you

7. Text Controls

iOS 8 has some cool Text Controls you can do lot more with the texts. It allows deleting texts one by one. If you want to send a specific text message, highlight a Text message an Options menu will pop up from that menu you can send that message to someone or you can delete it.

8. Mute Text Notifications

You can Mute Txt message Notifications for Selected Peoples .to do that in a conversation under Details Choose Do not Disturb.

9. Hide Photos

If you can hide, your Photos that you don’t want others to see. Open a Photo in Photo Application then Tap and Hold on the photo. An option menu will pop up with hide photo Option .tap “hide Photo” your photo will be removed from Collection, Years and movement’s .it will be available in hidden Album until you unhide.

iOS Hide Photo iphone

10.Notification for specific Email 

If you are expecting Replay to an Email .you can set up Alerts for The Specific Email. you will get notification When you got Replay for that Email. To Setup this feature Open inbox Swipe an mail to the Left and Select more and choose Notify Me .then you will get Notification when anyone Replay to your Email

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