How to view Youtube Videos Offline on Android

YouTube Android app Supports Offline playback on Android Devices, in order to use this feature you need updated version of YouTube app on your Android Device. To make a video available for your android Device. below every video you will see an icon called add to offline you can add the video to offline by touching the add to offline button or you can add from a videos Context menu. After selecting add to offline icon the icon will change to available offline icon.

If you want to remove a video from offline, touch the available offline icon and select remove .when adding a video to offline if you lost internet connectivity on your mobile, the progress will resume when you reconnect to internet.

Youtube offline

How to manage YouTube offline videos and playlists

If you want to remove your video or playlist from offline

Visit offline in the guide

Touch the context menu of the video you like to remove

Select remove from offline

Setting up the Offline Settings

Adding a video to offline will only can be done with Wi-Fi allow a video or Playlist to be added to offline on mobile networks you need to change the settings by going to Settings >Offline and uncheck the box next to Add over Wi-Fi only. You can change your default Video Quality for videos to do that. choose Offline Playback Go to Settings >Offline >Quality .if you set Video Quality high Your offline videos Will consume more Data and take time to appear on Offline section it also take more size depends on the size and length of the video .

Youtube offline Settings

If you want to check how much space you have left on your phone for offline content, go to Settings>Offline in the app. If you have lower than 4 % storage left you won’t able to add any more videos for offline playback. To get more space remove your existing offline videos or you can delete other Files that you have on your phone.

Supported Videos for Offline Playback

The videos that you added to offline will only available for 48 hours .after 48 hours you must reconnect your phone to internet because the app will check for changes or availability of the videos .if the video that you added to offline removed from YouTube the video will be removed from your device automatically .

In orders to view videos offline on YouTube android app. You must be signed in to your YouTube account .you also need to sign in to watch the videos and playlist that you added for offline playback. You can’t comment and like videos while you are offline.

You can’t view all videos on offline. Some of the videos can’t be played on offline .the videos that won’t play on offline the play offline button will be disabled.

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