How to View the Desktop Version of Websites on iOS9

As we live in the mobile era, many websites are optimized for mobile devices and tablets. Even though websites mobile version can be great, usually mobile version sites offer less features and simple user interface than the Desktop version. However some websites might have poorly designed mobile versions in that case Desktop versions is clearly the better Option.

Requesting the desktop view of a mobile site is not a difficult process, in fact this future is already existed in iOS 8, but it was Annoying to do in iOS need to tap the address bar, and pull the page to bottom then tap “Request Desktop Site”. But in iOS 9 requesting desktop version is more easy and simple.

How to View the Desktop Version of Websites on iOS9

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How to Request Desktop View in iOS 9’s Safari Browser

Open a mobile website in Safari Browser, for this example I will use Wikipedia. Once the website is fully loaded, Go to the address bar tap and hold the refresh button until you see the Options to Request Desktop View. And tap on “Request Desktop Site” button at the bottom.

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If you want to switch back to the mobile version of the site, just repeat the same method. But instead of seeing “Request mobile Site” you will see “Request Desktop Site” for a second time tap on it and it will take you to the mobile view anyway.this method will work on both iPhone and iPad.

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How to View the Desktop Version of Websites on iOS9
How to View Wikipedia Desktop Version  on iphone

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