How to View Google Maps Offline in Android and iOS

When it comes to navigation Mobile phones are the best. They overturned the Old GPS units with simple Apps that every Smartphone has. The only Con with these apps is they need internet connection to work. Luckily Google maps have Option to view Google maps Offline.

How to Use Google Maps Offline

If you don’t have Google Maps Download and Install. If you already installed Google Maps update it to the latest Version. And your Mobile must Connected to Internet Connection.

Google maps Material Interface is same on Both Android and iOS so this method Works on both Operating Systems.

Launch Google maps, then Tap the Menu Icon located in the top left side of the interface. This will open the Sidebar. You can also Swipe in from left to right to Open Sidebar.

Now tap on “Your Places” this will open a list of Places you searched lately. And your Work and Home Locations. Scroll down to the bottom of the Page and hit “SAVE A NEW OFFLINE MAP”. Then Google Maps will show you a map of the area Around You. Just Zoom in and Zoom out to cover the Area that you want to view in Offline and hit Save. You can also Search for a new place and save. Give a Proper name for your offline Map and save. Now GMaps will download the Area for offline use.

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To Test how Offline map Works, Put your mobile in Airplane mode Launch Google Map and search for the area that you saved for Offline View. Maps will show the decent details of the Surrounding Area.

Unluckily the Saved offline maps available in your Phone for only 30 Days, after 30 days Google Maps delete them. You can view a maps Expire days in the offline maps Section.

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