How to Use Windows 8 Build in Applications

Microsoft Windows 8 Start Screen has some useful apps. before searching for those apps take a look at the windows Store to find new Applications, look at the included apps and what they can do .these applications common in some things. They all have support for live tiles and update information on start screen.

Windows Store

Windows Store has many modern applications and video games .it’s similar to Apple Apps store and Google play you can search for an app and install it on your PC, some of the application are free and some costs. You can install desktop applications from windows store. The store have some of the desktop apps .when you open them in store windows store will link you to the software developers website you can’t install desktop apps from Windows Store.

How to Use Windows 8 Build in Applications

Mail, People, Messaging and Calendar

The start screen show mail, Calendar, People, and, Messaging apps as different apps but they are linked closely. The mail application is simple it can be used to check email but it doesn’t have more Feature like Microsoft Outlook or Gmail. You can add any email account such as Gmail, Hotmail, Outlook, Yahoo mail.


Windows 8 Calendar app used to view colanders from online services like Google calendar .calendar supports Google Calendar, Hotmail and Outlook combining them to a single calendar.


People app is similar to Calendar it brings all of your social network Friends together in one place it also brings your email contacts .you can add Facebook Friends, Twitter Followers, Linked in Contacts and some of the Email accounts like Hotmail, Outlook, and Gmail. You can view new updates from your Contacts in Peoples app.


The Messaging App help you to chat with your friends. Its supports Windows live Messenger and Facebook chat. You can’t use other popular Messaging Services like Google talk and AIM.

Windows 8 Build Messaging


The music App plays Music files on your hard Disk. They also supports Online music Stores. You can buy Songs from Xbox Music Store. Music app also supports free Music Streaming services like Spotify, Pandora, Rdio and other Music Services.


The Video Application Play your Videos and you can buy or Rent TV Shows and movies from Xbox Video Store.


Games App allow you to sign in to your Xbox Account, you can view your Xbox achievements, Notifications, Game invites and other Social features. You can’t play Xbox Games but you can play Xbox branded Windows 8 games.

Windows 8 Games


Windows 8 Weather Application show you the weather Updates for your current location, you can change location to anywhere although its supports multiple Locations. This feature works well with the live also shows weather information’s like hourly forecast, Historical Data, and weather maps.

News, Sports and Finance

From the Bing Data the News, Sports and Finance apps all show Different kind of News. These all there apps support live Tile Updates, by Default News Apps show updates from Bing Daily News. If you want you can change it to other news Sources like New York Times, Wall Street Journal and BBC. Finance app will Display Market Performance and Financial news you can add Stocks that you’re Interested in to view their Performance. The Sports App show Sports Game Schedules and scores along with Sports News you can add your Favorite Sports team to get Updates.


Windows 8 Photos App allow you to view photos from your Computer and Online. You can view photos stored in the pictures library on your Hard Disk, and Photos stored in online Accounts like Facebook, Flicker and One Drive. Photos doesn’t Support Googles Picasa Web albums.

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