How to Use Windows 10 New Multiple Virtual Desktop

The new Windows 10 has many Features. Microsoft Windows 10 Technical Preview was released on October 1; included some Cool features in Windows 10 such as Start Menu, Direct X 12.and more one of the main feature is Windows 10 Virtual Desktop.

Whether you are using Single monitor or Double monitor, Windows 10 Multiple Virtual Desktop can be very useful. Windows 10 allows users to add multiple virtual desktops. There is no limit you can add as many as possible. But Multiple Desktop feature have disadvantages also. You can’t drag and drop Applications. Every virtual desktop will have the same Wallpaper you can’t change the wallpaper for different desktops.

Windows Virtual Desktop

How to Setup Multiple Desktop in Windows 10

1. to setup the multiple desktop open the Task View pane by clicking on the two overlapping rectangles on the task bar. click Add a Desktop now a small gray tile show up above the task bar click on “Add a Desktop” .you can also use Windows Key + Ctrl + D to open new Virtual Desktop.

2. Switch Desktops

To change a desktop from one to another .Open the task view pane and select the Desktop you want switch. you can also use keyboard shortcut Press Windows Key + Ctrl + Left arrow or Windows Key + Ctrl + Right arrow .you can add as many desktops but you can’t switch to a certain desktop without switching through all virtual Desktops. The task view pane will show nine desktops on Screen.

 Windows 10 New Multiple Virtual Desktop

3. Move Windows Explorer between Desktops

You can move a windows explorer from one desktop to another. To do that Open the Task View Pane and hover over the Desktop that contains the Windows that you want to move. Then active windows on that desktop will Pop up choose the Window you want to Move Right Click > move to and choose the Desktop name you want move.

4. Close Virtual Desktop

If you want to close a Desktop Open the Task View Pane and hover over the Desktop that you want to close a small red X mark appear in the right corner of desktop. Click on the X mark to close Desktop. You can also do that by pressing Windows Key + Ctrl + F4 it will l close your current active Desktop.

How to Use Windows 10 New Multiple Virtual Desktop

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