How to use Multiple Profiles on Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer

Everyone have 2 Email address for different purpose mostly for Work and Personnel. It’s not possible to Open both Email account on the Same Time on a same browser for example you are using your personal Email at some point you want to check your Work Email you can’t open your work email on the same browser window without logging out your current email. Browsers Store your personal data Browsing history, extensions, bookmarks, settings, themes, saved passwords and etc. in a single profile. with latest version of mostly used browsers like google chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Opera you can create separate profiles for work and personal. You can use your profiles at the same time.

How to use Multiple Profiles on Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer

Google Chrome

My favorite browser chrome is the best and easy bowser for using multiple creating a new profile on chrome is simple 

Open the Settings page by clicking on settings button that located on top right corner of the browser

on settings page click add new user under Users 

a new tab will open select an icon and give username which you want to use for your new profile
Fill it up and click ok 

In addition to their own bookmarks, history, and other settings, each user has their own Google Sync settings and can be logged into their own Google accounts. In order to sync your new profiles settings and history on other computer you must sign in to Google. After completed creating Profiles you can switch to your new profile by clicking the icon at the top left corner of chrome window.

Mozilla Firefox

Firefox has multi profile Support but many peoples don’t know it yet because this feature is bit hidden. To create new profile in Firefox you need to access the Firefox profile manager .before that close all the running Firefox windows. 

Now open Start menu or Start Screen on windows 8 type the below line and press enter (without quotation)

“ firefox.exe – p “

If the above line doesn’t seem to work don’t worry enter the following

For Windows 64-bit Systems type

“ C:Program Files (x86)Mozilla Firefoxfirefox.exe-p ”

For Windows 32-bit Systems type

“C:Program FilesMozilla Firefoxfirefox.exe -p”

You will see firefox.exe –p now select and open the Profile manager .

click create new profile button to create a new firefox profile

If you would like to be prompted to choose a profile every time you start Firefox, uncheck the Don’t ask at startup option.

Firefox allow only one browser profile at a time by default .if you want to run multiple Firefox profiles like chrome you need to launch Firefox with no remote switch .to launch Firefox profile manager with no remote switch use the below command

“ firefox.exe –p –no-remote ”

You have to use the no remote option to launch each Firefox make this easier you can add the no remote option to your Firefox shortcuts to make this easier .to easily switch between multiple Firefox profile you can add the Firefox ProfileSwitcher Extension

Internet Explorer

You can’t use Separate Browser Profile on Internet Explorer but it does allow you to have a feature that can used to create Internet Explorer windows with their own separate cookies.

To do that go to File and Select new Season. A new window will open this new IE window will share your favorite, settings and history you can use this to log in to multiple accounts on the same website just like Google Chrome .

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