How to Use Google Drive Apps

Google Drive will able to open apps that you download from the Chrome Web Store. These apps can be used to edit images and videos documents, manage projects, flow charts and more. After you installed Google Drive Apps you can access and open files in google Drive, create new files with the apps, access google drive files from an app outside of google Drive, save files to google drive outside google drive, share any files created with google Drive. 

How to install Google Drive Apps

To view Download Google Drive apps Go to this Chrome Web store Link , and install any App. when the installation is finished you can to use them with google Drive on the web. Drive apps are compatible with all browsers. You can make an app default for supported file types. For instance you install an app that lets you to save and edit mp3 or wave file. You can choose to open all mp3 files with that do this

Go the Settings menu and select Manage Apps

Tick on the box next to “Make default for files it can open

Click Done

If you do not set a default app you can open a file by right clicking its tittle and choose app just like we used to open files in Windows. If you wanted to open the Default file with different app try right click on the files tittle and choose a different App.

Google Drive

How to Uninstall Google Drive Apps

You can uninstall Google Drive App at any Time you want .after you uninstall your app your files still accessible in Google Drive. But you won’t be able to use them unless you had the uninstall an app follow this simple Steps.

Go to the Settings Menu and Select manage Apps

Find the App that you wanted to uninstall and select option button

Click Remove this App

How to create files with google Drive Apps

Apart from using Google Docs, Sheets and Slides use google Drive apps to create other type of files.

Open your browser and go to

Click on the new button in the top left of drive interface

Select New File

Select an app from menu

The app you selected will open and you can start work on the file you have created. The fil can be accessible anywhere.

Classic google Drive

If you are using Classic google Drive use the following methods to create a new File

Open your browser and visit

Select the create Button in the top left

Select an app from the options

The app will open and you can work on the file you have created

You can also sync the apps to your computers google Drive Folder.

How to create Google Drive Apps

How to Open or Save Google Drive files from an app 

You can save files to Google Drive that you’ve created or set up in an app outside of Google Drive. There are two ways to save a file to Google Drive:

When you work on a file with a Google Drive app, any changes you save are also saved to Google Drive.

In an app, you might see an option to “Export to Google Drive,” “Save a copy” or “Send to Drive.” When you select that option, the file will automatically be saved to your Google Drive.

How to Use Google Drive Apps

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