How to Use Evernote Effectively

Evernote is designed for note taking and archiving .users can create a note as Text, webpage, Image, Voice Memo and handwritten notes. Users can sort the notes into folders, edited, tagged, comments and more. Evernote available in major operating systems like Windows, Mac OS X, iOS, Android, Windows Phone and also supports Online Backup and Sync.

Evernote has Clean and Simple UI that lets you to manage and organize your Notes Excellently. If you use Evernote effectively it will make sure you never forgot anything that important to you. It makes it easier to recall exactly what you need at a later time across any platform. Evernote has ton of applications and features I list few of them here.

Use Evernote Effectively

Evernote Chrome Extension

If you use Google Chrome install the Evernote Extension from the Web store. And you can access Evernote and Save Images and clippings at any time from your browser.

Save Quote’s from books

Evernote gives you a way to quickly record new words. While you are reading an Article or a book on your kindle you can save a phrase or quote with single click. If you are collecting inspirational Quote’s create a Note called inspirational quotes and save your favorite quotes inside the note. While reading a book save illustrations or photographs for later reference. Evernote Allow you to create as many notebooks as you want.

Evernote Reminder

The Special thing about Evernote is it has multiple purpose. With Evernote you can Create Reminders to remember something. Use the Reminder Option to create your Shopping list even you can share your Shopping Reminder with your Friends and household Members they can view and edit the List and the list will sync when they update it from their phone or computer.

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Evernote Wish List

With Evernote you can create wish List for the things you want to buy. Evernote wish list is bit different from shopping websites wish list. While you googling for similar item that listed in your wish list Evernote will display the Item Alongside your Google Search. Remember Evernote wish list is not only for for Products that can be bought you can create a wish list for recipe if you see a recipe on TV or Book include the recipe on your wish list to try. Not only recipe Add anything you want like going to a Movie, Playing Golf and your Short term goals.

Evernote Wish List

Email to Evernote

While you browsing the internet you might found something worth saving like articles, funny images, Documents, friends Photos etc. Evernote give you a private Email address. you can send email from your web email to Evernote the Email Subject line will become the name of the Note if you want to set a Reminder add “!date” (ex: !30-01-14) after note name (Email Subject). to find your Evernote Email Check account info.

Make Travel Easier

Create an Evernote notebook for your Tours and vacations. Store your flight schedules, maps, reservation, and tickets everything you need while you’re on your vacation. Add pictures to the note to remember important places that you wanted to visit. Evernote Android app will not download all your notebooks for offline use so customize your Travel Notebook to access in offline.

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