How to Use Android Device Manager to Find Lost Android Mobile location

Probably Mobile phone is the most important gadget for all of us, our Mobile phones holds most important stuffs like Emails, Text messages, Contacts, Photos and other confidential stuffs. You don’t like anyone else to see some of your mobile contents. However, it’s easy to lose your contents as you walk with it everywhere.

There are many security apps available at google play Store that help you to protect your mobile contents. And help you to find your lost Android Device. Android Device manager help you to prevent your data on a lost or stolen phone.

How to Use Android Device Manager to Find Lost Android Mobile location

Android Device Manager

In order to use Android Device manager your Device Android Version must be above 2.2.when you Open Android Device Manager it will show a list of all Android Devices and tablets Connected to your Google Account . You can locate your Android Phone on Google map or you can ring your phone in case you lost it inside your home. If your Mobile was stolen Android Device manager help you to lock the phone with Custom Pin or perform factory reset to delete all data on your lost phone.

This is really Good option to prevent your data when you lost your Mobile .but Android Device Manager need the device to connected to online for you to Lock the Device or Ring the phone.

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How to use Android Device manger to find your stolen mobile

Open Android Device manger on your browser.

If you are logging in for the first time, it will ask you to sign in with your Google Account

Android Device manger will show the Devices that you connected with your Google Account

And it will load your Android Mobile Location on Google maps

If want to ring your mobile hit “Ring” from that small window that display your Phone information.

A small window will pop up hit “Ring” and your mobile Will for next Five minutes.
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Android Device Manager

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