How To Transfer iTunes Music to Android Phone or Tablet

Smartphones and tablets are essentially portable music players, most people have their favorite music’s collection in iTunes. So here is how you can send your iTunes music library to an Android Device or Tablet.

You can either upload your music to Google play music or copy the songs directly to an Android Phone with a USB cable. So if you have android phone or tablet and wish to listen your favorite songs collection on it, you might wonder how to transfer music library from your iTunes to your Android Device.

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The transfer Process in very simple, On Computers Every Android Device appear as a storage volumes just like a USB Pendrive. You must have a micro USB to regular USB cable.

How To Transfer iTunes Music to Android


How to transfer music from iTunes to android

Connect your Android Phone or tablet to your computer, next you need select the USB connection mode select Media Sync mode this will let you to transfer Files.

Then Open My Computer and navigate to your Phone’s Music folder. In my case the location is This PC > Leonardo > Internal Storage > Music. Leave that music folder Open so you can trader your Music.

How To Transfer iTunes Music to Android

Open a new Windows Explorer and locate your iTunes music library, by default the iTunes music library is located in C:Users“your username”MusiciTunesiTunes MediaMusic

How To Transfer iTunes Music to Android

Align those 2 windows next to each other so you can easily drag and drop the Songs you want to send to your Android Phone or tablet. Select Particular songs or folders or everything press control + C then select your Android Phone music folder and Paste.

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