How to Track and Organise your Travel Plans with Google Inbox

Google inbox is now available for everyone who want it. Google announced it officially in Google I/O on May 2015.from now on everyone can download google inbox without invitation. The new version of Gmail inbox has a handful of new features and one of the main features help the users to keep an eye on their travel plans.

Gmail already has this feature ,Google scan your Gmail inbox for travel information’s (like Flight Time, Travel Date, Hotel Booking) and give you that information when you search for “my trip” in Google Search. A simple version of this feature is available in inbox App, the App will automatically bundle all the email that have your travel information and pin it to the front Page.

How to Track Travel Plans in Google Inbox

To see your upcoming Travel plans tap Trips from the inbox menu. Most of the results will be hotel bookings and flight ticket confirmation the cool thing is you will see a random photo of your destination. You can see more details by tapping an entry most likely you will see information about the gate your plane leaves and hotel room number.

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If your travel related emails are in your inbox it will show your travel information on Trips bundle. If you want to hide a trip from your inbox, go to inbox menu (three vertical dots) and tap “Delete this Trip”. The mail will always remain in your inbox however inbox won’t show a bundle for it anywhere.

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Inbox has some other cool features like rather than archiving an email you can send it to your trash by swiping to the right, undo sent emails, set signature for Emails, and improved Google keep integration let to see reminders on inbox and Google Keep.

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