How to Snooze in Google inbox

Snoozing the alarm in the morning is so nourishing .knowing that you will get extra time to sleep without worrying you are going too late for Work. Say hello to Google inbox’s new feature snooze .if you’re in inconvenient place or simply need to focus on something else first, you can snooze your emails and reminders away to a time that you are comfortable for reading email.

For example if you run into a busy day ,and you still want to replay to your mails before end of the day or end of the week .with inbox snooze option you can snooze your emails to a different time or a place. Inbox responds to your settings and adjust its snooze options to match.

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It’s better to snooze your emails to a place instead of time .for example most of us don’t get time to read personnel emails on work so when we are at work we can snooze our emails to a place like Home, Railway Station, and Library. Or you can set reminder to buy something at a place for instance you want to buy something in grocery store and you don’t want to forget it set up a reminder and snooze it to the place when you arrive grocery store you will get notification. In this way you won’t miss your emails and you will save some time.

Once you start snoozing your emails, you’ll notice that Inbox will make the entire process a whole lot easier. For example: you can name and save common places like Home, Work, Doctor, Grocery Store, and Library.

Inbox Snooze

How to Snooze Email

Open the email that you want to snooze

At the top of your email you will see the snooze icon select it.

Snooze options will appear choose a snooze quick option.

You can snooze a mail without opening the email to do that

Mobile: swipe left to snooze an email or reminder.

PC: move your mouse over a mail or reminder and click snooze icon on the right .

To snooze an email to a specific time

After you select snooze you can choose default options Later today, Tomorrow, or Next week .after the default time pick date &time options available. Last use the same setting that you used for previous email. You will get notification on your mobile when the time comes for the snoozed emails.

To snooze an email to a specific Place

Open an email or reminder and snooze

Click pick place on snooze option

Choose Default options Home or Work or enter a New Address.

If you want to call your old friend more this year you can just create a reminder in will help you snooze to a time or place with assistances.

Inbox Snoozed

Somehow you ever get ahead of your schedule you can check out all of your snoozed emails and reminders in the inbox menu. Open snoozed from menu and edit snoozed items move them to your inbox or just review everything you have snoozed to some other day.

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