How to Secure your Facebook and Twitter Account from Hacking

Hackers are Smarter than us we need to secure our Social Accounts before someone hacks response to hacking internet companies introduced two step Verification. When logging in from unrecognized location or device the user need to enter a Security code that is usually sent to the users mobile phone.

Two Step Verification was first introduced by Gmail, so after that every large organization, introduced this feature. Facebook, Microsoft, Apple, Twitter, Dropbox and other major companies. Gmail is the best acts in matters of security Facebook’s security feature is specifically similar to Gmail.

Now I will explain how to how to implement the Two Step Verification on Facebook and twitter. It’s very simple methods this will protect your account from being hacked.

How to Secure your Facebook and Twitter Account from Hacking

How to Enable Two step Verification on Facebook

Login Alerts

Probably you use Gmail’s Two Step Verification and Facebook’s Login Approval is similar to Gmail two step set up login Approval Go to Facebook Settings >Security >Login Alerts then Enable Get Notifications, Email login Alerts to your Email, and under Text messages enable “Connect your phone number”. Enter your Phone number and continue. Facebook will send you confirmation code to your mobile Enter the code and Confirm. Now when someone tries to access your Account from any unknown place or Browser Facebook will send you text Message.

How to Enable Two step Verification on Facebook  Login Alerts

enabling this Login Alerts will affect Apps that need your login information, such as Skype, Spotify, Xbox .to prevent this in security Settings choose App Passwords > Generate App Passwords a small window will pop up type the App name and select Generate App Password, Now Facebook Will Automatically Generate a Password.

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How to Enable Two Step Verification on Twitter

Twitter Two Step Verification

After some high profile Twitter Hacks Twitter implemented the Two Step Verification in 2013. To enable two Step Verification on Twitter Click on a twitter Profile image icon, Open Settings choose Security and Privacy and enable “Send login Verification requests to my phone” if you didn’t verified your Email and Phone number you can’t setup Two Step verify your Email and Add Phone number to your Account.

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Once you enabled two step verification, you need to generate a temporary password to access Twitter on other Devices, Such as your Smartphone, or someone’s Device. And also for Apps like Rebelmouse, Medium, and tweet Deck twitter will generate a temporary Password that will expires in an hour.

How to Enable Two Step Verification on Twitter

Delete Stored Location information

If you enabled location information for your tweets, Twitter will store that data. However if you don’t want to store your locations Data you can Delete Security and Privacy tab Find “Tweet Location” and Uncheck “Add a location to my tweets” and hit “Delete all location information

Twitter Phishing Schemes

When Phishing hackers try to trick you into enter their account names and on fake landing pages. Whenever you fill your login details. Make sure that login Page is part of twitter .some login pages will look trustworthy, however they are not related with the Page that they are representing. For Example .

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