How to Record Screen in Android without root Android Lollipop

When google introduced Screen Record option on Android 4.4 Kit-Kat it was far from User Friendly and it’s also lacked in the basic capability of taking Screenshot. Either screenshot or screen Record these both options were confusing and kind of annoying to use. I thought it’s not possible to have a good screen recorder on Android. But it’s Possible with Google latest Android OS Android 5.0 Lollipop. a third party app called AZ Screen let you to Record whatever on the screen .it is an free app so feel free to try this wonderful app .

AZ Screen Recorder – No Root

This app will only Support for Android Lollipop Devices .with this free app you can record videos as long as you want there is no time limit for recording a video .no water mark or logo on Video .while Recording you can pause and Resume you has simple user interface its easy to start and Stop recording .there is no Need to Root your Device to use this App simply Install and use.AZ Screen Recorder has one more important Feature while recording a video it record your Phone mic too so you can record Audio also.

AZ Screen Recorde

How to use AZ Screen

Install AZ Screen Recorder and launch the app, a small menu bar will Open in the middle of your screen. From there you can customize the Settings and begin recording your screen, on the same menu you can view earlier recordings, launch settings. also You can enable touches to show up on the screen, enable or disable the microphone with one Touch, change the quality of video captured as well setting time limits for do that go to app Settings and Change your settings.

Red blinking light will be display in the lower-right corner of the screen while recording a video. To pause a video just tap once, with a double-tap Recording will stop totally. Once finished, its Easy share the video as you would any other video file on your device; using social networks like Facebook, YouTube. it’s also possible to upload video files to Google Drive and Dropbox.

Install AZ Screen Recorder from Playstore 

AZ Screen Recorder Android

AZ Screen Recorder Settings

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