How to Make Voice calls on WhatsApp

WhatsApp introduced a new Feature that allow WhatsApp users to make free calls to anyone who has WhatsApp on their Phone. Just like Viber, Skype, Line and other major Apps. WhatsApp call feature is still in Beta test and its working good with Android Phones.

WhatsApp voice calling is not officially released yet, but it is buried inside the latest Version of WhatsApp, follow the simple instruction given blow to activate WhatsApp call Feature.

Before getting started, you need to know these things, first WhatsApp is not officially released voice call to the users the voice call feature is still in beta this feature may have bugs and lagging problems. Some beta testers reported that the Call Quality is not good, so don’t rely on it. You can‘t enable this feature on your own, you need Assistance from anther WhatsApp user who has active Voice call Feature on his/her WhatsApp.

How to Make Voice calls on WhatsApp

Steps to Activate Voice Call Feature on WhatsApp

1. First update your WhatsApp to the latest Version from Google Play Store.

2. After updated to the latest the version. Find a person who has the voice call feature and ask the User to call you through WhatsApp. Ask your WhatsApp friends, Facebook friends or mutual Friends.

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3. after Receiving a Call from your Friend, Quit WhatsApp.

4. Then Open WhatsApp Again

5. You will find a new Tab for calls, now you can call to anyone Over What Sapp’s Voice call. You can only call friends who are running latest Version of WhatsApp.

How to Make Voice calls on WhatsApp

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