How To Make Google Chrome Run Faster

Once google Chrome was a minimal Web browser. Google named it Chrome because it was created to get out of your way, Google Chrome is no longer minimal Web browser . It is became an Application Platform.

Google Chrome Browsers Consume lot of Battery life, mostly on Mac laptops And Chrome is very memory hungry in Computers and Mobiles. This will hurt Computers with low amount of RAM memory. Follow these  steps to make Google Chrome Use Less Battery Life and Memory.

Stop Chrome Running in Background

By Default Chrome will continue to run in the Background Even After closed windows computers you can see a little icon of Google Chrome in the system tray. Close All Google Chrome windows, click the try icon in the task bar. You will see chrome still running in the background.

How To Make Google Chrome to Run Faster


As long Chrome Run in background it will continue to have impact on your Device Battery life. If you have limited amount of RAM and want to free up some memory. Right click on the Chrome icon and click Exit, this will stop chrome from running in background.

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You can disable this feature permanently, to do that right click the chrome icon and uncheck Let Google Chrome run in the background. From now on Every time you close Chrome Browser it will shut down completely.

How To Make Google Chrome to Run Faster

Remove Chrome Extensions

Chrome Extensions make google Chrome more Powerful. However, they also slow down your Browser by taking more RAM memory, And Drain your Computers chrome Task Manager you can see the amount memory each Extension using to run. To Open Chrome Task manager Open Chrome menu, go to more tools and Select Task Manager. You can see the details of extension beginning with the word Extensions.

How To Make Google Chrome to Run Faster

As you can see chrome task manager will show the amount of memory each extensions use. For example one of my Extension Stay Focused is using 45 mb of RAM. I can uninstall this Extension if I really don’t need it.

The Task manager does not show every extension in this list. Some extension does not run as their own Process. These Extensions include Scripts that run when a certain Web Page loaded in chrome. This kind of Extension run Additional Scripts on every Web Page you open so it will take more CPU and drain your Device battery Life.

To Uninstall an Extension Open the Google chrome Menu, Select Settings in Settings page Choose Extension located above Settings. Or copy and Paste “ chrome://extensions/ ” in your Chrome Address bar. Click the trash can button to uninstall any Extension that Consumes more Memory to Run.

How To Make Google Chrome to Run Faster

Disable Background Pages

If you Noticed your chrome task manager, you might saw something Called background Page. It is different from Apps and Extension. You can disable the Background page in Task Manager. If any Website cause to run a page in Background you have to disable it in the Website.

For Example if you Enabled Google Drive offline Access. Google Drive Will always run in background even you don’t left any Drive Pages Open. That’s because Google Drive Background Process is responsible for Syncing All of your offline cache with Drive.

If you don’t use Google Drive Offline Access you can disable it by visiting google Drive Website .

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Click to Play Plugins

Make sure you Enabled Click to Play Plug-ins in will Stop Web Players like Adobe Flash and other Plug-ins from Starting and running in the background Automatically. If you do it Flash contents you specifically allow will Only Run other Unwanted Flash Advertisements won’t run unless you give Permission to Run. This same goes for other Plug-ins like java, Silverlight, unity Web Player and more.

To set this Up Open Google Chrome Settings, go to Advanced Settings “Click Content Settings” and Under Plug- ins Select Let Me Choose When to Run Plugin Content.

How To Make Google Chrome to Run Faster

Dont Use Multiple Tabs 

You may have noticed in task manager that Opened tabs Also Consume memory according to the contents of the Page. If you want to Save RAM memory, don’t run multiple tabs at once.

If you find any Web Page interesting and you are not Reading it at the moment Book mark it or Save it to Pocket or Evernote so you can Read it at any time you want.

Switch to a Different Browser

If chrome is not working well for you, you can switch to Another Browser. Particularly if you don’t need chrome’s Powerful Extensions and Features. You can use Safari browser On Macs Safari browsers are much more Battery Efficient. On Windows Mozilla Firefox uses less memory. So it will be Work good if you are running a computer with low amount of RAM.

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