How to Make Google Chrome load faster in PC And Android

You possibly will Know about Google,s Instant Search in Chrome. Instant search will let you see the results before finish typing your search. It make it easier for you to get your Search results you ever wonder how instant Search Works. Its simple chrome uses a technology called pre rendering .while you are browsing if a website is confident about the next link you might Click on the page .the website will tell Chrome to Prerender or preload the when you click the page link it open instantly.

Google Chrome Speed

How to Turn on Predict network actions

Enable Preload on Computer

1. Go to Chrome Menu .the chrome menu is located on top Right side of your Chrome Browser.

2. Click Settings (preference for mac I am not sure).

3. In settings page Scroll Down to bottom and select Advanced Settings.

4. in the privacy Section. Enable “Predict network actions to improve page load performance” by clicking the Check any case if you don’t want to use this Feature simply uncheck it.

Make Google Chrome Load Faster

Turn Preload on Android phone

1. Torch the Chrome menu and Go to Settings.

2. under Advanced Section Select privacy.

3. Then Select “Network Action predictions”.

4. Now you will See Three Options.

  •  Only on WI-FI: Chrome preload Websites when you are using a WI-FI Network (this is the Default Settings).

  •  Always: Selecting Always will make Chrome to preload Webpages when you’re using Mobile Data.

  •  Never : Chrome Will Never try to Prerender Websites.

NOTE: if you use Preload in chrome. Website athat are Preloaded or Prerendered may set and read their specific Cookies just as you visited them before. Even if you don’t visited preloaded webpages.

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