How to limit Data Usage on Android

Most Android apps are moving to the cloud and we spent most our time on Social networks. With limited Data plan .most smartphone users will end up paying for Overuse of Data Usage. If you use Android Phone you have some options to limit your Data usage, Android has plenty of Settings for data restricting. With some tweaks you can reduce your Android Phones Data Usage.

Apps love to eat up data whether you are using them or not. Apps constantly checks for updates, refresh user content in background, running Ads. These processes consume Data as long as you have them on your Mobile. Follow these simple steps to Prevent Apps from using extra Data.

How to limit Data Usage on Android

Update apps with Wi-Fi

You can change your Apps Update Settings from google playstore, go to google Play choose Menu > Settings > Auto Update apps then select “Auto Update apps over Wi-Fi only”. If you wanted to disable Auto update choose “Do not auto Update Apps”. You can update your Apps Manually whenever update is available.

Limit background data

To find the data usage of running Apps, Go to Settings > Data Usage now you can see a list of apps with associated data usage. Then choose an app to view its Data usage, and not the two numbers next to the pie chart Background refers to the data usage when the app is running in the background and Foreground refers to the data usage when the app Active. If you find an app using too much data scroll down to the bottom a check Restrict background data.

Limit Android background data

Cache and Preload

Some Apps have option for Preload and Caching. Use those options to save your Data.

Preload Streaming Apps

In Some Apps Developers are including options for Caching and Preloading. You can download contents on Wi-Fi and view it later for example YouTube preload videos that you enabled for offline view.

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Cache Maps

Google maps allow users to cache map of a specific location, it takes some time to download the maps and storage space on your phone. Once you downloaded the map you can view and explore the map without internet.

Download Files with Wi-Fi

Download all files with Fi-Fi use your Phone Data unless you must have to .Download large files while using Wi-Fi Connection.

Sync Settings

If your sync Settings is set to sync everything like, Photos, Google Apps, Google playstore .it will take some of your data without you noticing .you don’t have to sync all of these. You can adjust the sync Settings to sync which one you want to adjust sync options go to Settings > Accounts > Google and select your Account .now uncheck the boxes next to the items that you don’t want to Sync.

Switch Off Sync

If you don’t want to Sync any Data you can Disable the Syncing Do that go to Settings > Data Usage > Menu > Uncheck Auto Sync

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Minimize Browser Data

Most of the Browsing will take over your Data, you can use data compression to minimize your browser usage .google Chrome has this feature to Enable this option in Google Chrome .Go to Settings > Bandwidth Management > Reduce Data Usage > On.

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