How to Install and Play Clash of Clans on PC

Clash of clans is a Multiplayer online strategy game. The game was Published and developed by Supercell, the same company that created the popular farming strategy game hay Day. Clash of clans become very popular among smartphone gamers. Pc version for clash of clans is still not released yet but we have option to play this beautiful game on pc.

Install clash of clans for pc

With this guide you will able to Download and install clash of clans on Windows 7 and Windows 8 operating system.

Play Clash of Clan on PC

1. Make sure that your Graphics Drivers are up to date if not upgrade to the latest version. Because we are going to install the game with Android Emulator it is a graphics intensive App and your pc should have 2 GB Ram Memory to run this game smoothly.

2. You need Internet Connection, make sure your computer is connected to the internet

3. First you have to install Andy an Android Emulator for Pc. Go to this Website Andyroid Download Andy. Andy enable you to download and install android Store Apps on your pc.

4. Open the Downloaded Andy exe file and run the installation. It will take several minutes to complete .install time depends on your internet connection speed .after the installation finished you are Ready to launch Andy.

5. Open Andy from your Desktop Shortcut. A window will open and emulate the Android user interface. Andy window will look just like Android OS looks on your phone or Tablet. When you start Andy for the First Time You need to Sign Up into your Google Account or you can continue without signing in but you need to sign to download and install Apps from Google play. Open android menu and launch Google play Store.

6. In Playstore go to search the search bar will on top of the playstore and search for Clash of clans the search results will display. select clash of clan from the publisher supercell, clash of clan installer Window Will open

7. Clash of clans main page will open select install then play store will ask you for your permission click accept. Now the game will start to install .after the installation is finished you will see notification.

8. Clash of clans is now available on your PC. You may now start to play clash of clans. Go to your home screen and open menu you will see clash of clans icon just click to open it

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Clash of clan in Andy

Clash Of clan Features

1.the game will remind you the Famous pc game Age of Empires, player have to build a community, and train troops and attack other players villages to earn gold .player also need build Defense to protect their village from other players

2. Clash of Clans is not only popular game it’s one of the successful games of all time on Smartphone games. The game has more than 10 million Reviews on Google play it means the Actual players might over than 10 million

3. You can play in Single player And Multiplayer mode. In single player Campaign mode the player have to Attack Series of Goblin Villages

4. After all it is a simple game in its strategic tactics, and that is likewise one of the game’s strengths, as one can play it in a quick idle minute. Plus, the range of battle units to build and choose, before attacking gives this game a greater depth and is also significantly satisfying to the player.

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Clash of Clan pc gameplay

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