How to increase Twitter Followers

Out of all social network twitter is definitely the hardest one to get followers. You might think celebrities only get millions of follower’s .well that is not true you can increase your twitter Followers with some tweaks. You can’t get 1000 followers overnight it will take some time. Follow these simple tips to increase your twitter followers.

Twitter Profile Photo

Don’t use Twitters default profile picture the Egg avatar. Upload a Good Photo of you, your Face Should visible on your Profile when people see your Twitter Profile they might get interested in you and Follow .if you shy about uploading your Photo you can upload any interesting picture that may attract People. And a Nice Cover Photo will help you to draw People’s Attention.

How to increase Twitter Followers

Profile Description

Adding a Profile Description is important as Profile picture. Make sure your Description contain who you are and what you Tweet about so when People See your Profile your description will help them to decide if you are the name they want to follow .add something funny or interesting it might attract peoples to your Profile


Use hash tags on your Tweets; hashtags lets Peoples find topics that interest them. For example if I compose a tweet about Programming I use Hashtags Related to Programming like #Programming, #PHP, when people Search for Programming eventually they will find my Tweet. It is a simple way to find and found by people who have similar interests. You can also put hashtags on your Profile Description.

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Tweet something People Want to Read

In twitter, People will look for things like moneymaking tips, life hacks and something to entertain them. If you tweet random things or tweet about your life you will not get any followers unless you are a celebrity. Tweet about something people might interested in like latest news or anything funny and don’t do anything fancy. Tweet anything useful to your target audience.

Tweet something People Want to Read

Keep in touch with your Followers

People followed you because they want to interact with you. If someone followed, you send him or her a thank you Message. Retweet your Followers tweets .keep in touch with your followers whenever you can.

Follow Peoples Back

If someone followed, you follow them back. I don’t how is this works but trust me you will get more followers when you follow someone back.

Retweet and Favorite

If you liked any Tweets, just retweet them or add to your favorite’s .so the person who tweeted that tweet will know about you. if he or she interested in you they will follow you. Do not overdo it.

Create Lists 

You can create lists for peoples you follow it helps to separate peoples into different categories. Go to someone’s twitter Profile Page click on the Gear icon and click on “Add or remove from list” a small window will pop up from there you can create a new list or add the profile to an Existing list.

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Tweet Regularly

Don’t take long breaks from Twitter. If your followers find your last tweet was 1 month ago the might unfollow you.

Don’t be Shy

Don’t be shy be the Person you are .use your Original Photo, interact with peoples as much as you can tweet about Trending Topics act like the person who you are in real life. Dont forgot to Follow me on Twitter 

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