How to Get Google Inbox

I Love Google for giving me lot of New Apps and Features’ am going to share some of the things about Current introduced “Google Inbox”. We already have Gmail! What then is bound to appear as Google inbox? Therefore, there was no change in the existing Gmail as well as the mobile Gmail (Apps). This is in addition to the convenience of this service google inbox. So do not be confused.

If you simply want to say that I have, “Nokia basic phone”, in which I am able to keep, SMS send / receive so you may wonder why I should use E-mail. This is almost the same thing, but with little change. Gmail users want to send and receive emails without the need of unwanted bulk E-mails like social network Notifications, Advertisement email but along with the pile of emails, there are a lot of them think that we do not have to waste time with unwanted e-mails. That is why google introduced this Awesome Feature as the “Google Inbox”.

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Google inboxThe design of this new Google Inbox is clean and simple. In which there are many features in Gmail, but the absence of which has some new features. Gmail have ton of important options, for example, when you sending an email you can set a 30 second delay until the mail Send, which means while we’ve sent the email in some cases come to mind something wrong may be sent to someone else or spelling Mistakes .after send the email you might not have been able to do anything. To solve this problem Gmail will give a 30 second delay. We do this by sending email if implemented in 30 seconds (time can be changed to suit our convenience). In between if you find there is a mistake that can be revised and resend email. It is far more effective and comfortable. There is a great deal of assistance to me having this Feature.
Gmail Lab section has many new features like that. You can use all the facilities like smart phones and additional facilities. When it comes to Google Inbox! It is simply the lack of facilities it is almost like your mobile Inbox. Gmail users already know that G mails fast, but Google inbox is faster than the Gmail.
Google inbox Android

This feature is mainly targeting mobile users. Because time & Data it is essential to think that, I do not want to waste my Time and battery Charge with Gmail .Google will Release a New App for this you cannot use Google Inbox with your Gmail. If you want try Google inbox Go to This Address and Apply for google inbox.

In Gmail Google technology Read our emails, and divide them into Travel, Purchase, Finance, Social, Updates, Forums, Promos. In addition, we can see each category in a tab this is called the Bundle. None of the e-mails are usually in this section may need to see immediately. After all, there is no impact on the largely delayed. For example, if your receive an e-mail to the Bank statement that will be go to “Finance” Bundle .if you want you can turn off this feature and receive your email on the classic inbox

The main aim of this Google Inbox “Clean UI (User Interface)” with this your Inbox Will look Clean And Simple . As a part of the Features there is an option called Pin. With that, we can pin the Emails, we need, and when you want to watch or keep them as visible, it is just like the Star in Gmail.
Reminder e-mail you set with timely recalling Pin will be join in the area. Unpin though when you can have. This is not because of what you do not miss anything about the fact that.

When sending e-mail you can easily reuse the last e-mail in a single click. Reminder can immediately implement in just two clicks. To enable this, you can just hit the red button in the Menu

Google Inbox is currently not given to everyone. Invitation provided for Google users. If you want to use this feature, you have to receive an invitation from your friends whom use google inbox or send an email asking the invitation to this address. This is only for Gmail users! Google will give this app in a few more days to all Gmail users.

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