How to Fix Google Drive Common Errors

Google drive is a Cloud Storage it lets to you have all your files within reach from any smartphone, tablet or computer. You can use Google Drive to preview files directly in Gmail, create and share Google Docs, Sheets and Slides, and even edit. I have been using Drive since it was introduced it is an great tool to share and save files and Documents online .however I faced some errors since I was using and managed to fix those errors with the help of google .these are the Common errors occur on Google Drive.

Your Google Drive Folder is missing

Mostly this kind of error happen when you rename, move, or delete the Google Drive Folder

If your google drive Folder is moved to a different location on Your Computer

First in your computers toolbar click the google Drive icon

And select “Error Google Drive folder is missing

Now select Locate Folder

Select the Google Drive folder that You moved from its new location and open

Now Google Drive Will reconnect automatically 

Error in google Drive

If you renamed your Google Drive Folder

Click on the Google Drive icon Like You did above

And select “Error Google Drive folder is missing

Click Locate Folder

Select the folder that you renamed

Google drive will connect automatically

If you deleted your Google Drive folder

Click on the Google Drive icon from toolbar

And select “Error Google Drive folder is missing

Now Click Disconnect Account

Sign in Again You Will Be asked to choose a New Location for the Google Drive folder

Google Drive Syncing is stuck

Sometimes syncing will stuck like if the count for the files hasn’t changed and Sync doesn’t finished .You have to quit Google Drive and Start it again

An Unknown issue occurred and google drive needs to quit

This type errors occur on windows and mac if you see this error often

Disconnect Your Google Account

Open Google Drive Again from application folder

And Re-sync your files

Google Drive quits unexpectedly

Sometimes google drive quits unexpected without displaying any error messages it’s most likely error with the version of Google Drive. to fix this issue

Go to Google Drive Website

And Download Google Drive link

Make you sure you Download the latest version of google Drive

While installing the new version when you’re asked to replace your current Version choose Yes.

Wait for the installation to finish and choose your new Google Drive folder and Sync your Documents

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